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Precision: THE SOLUTION!? Save costs and secure yields

terraHORSCH is the international customer magazine of HORSCH. As a reader, you will receive detailed product presentations and field reports on HORSCH machines and components to help you make informed decisions about your agricultural equipment. But that's not all:

  • terraHORSCH provides information on current industry newstrends and developments in agriculture, from tillage and seeding and planting techniques to crop protection.
  • The customer magazine provides practical information and tips for farmers and agricultural companies that can be implemented directly in the field.
  • terraHORSCH gives you access to expert knowledge and know-how from HORSCH, a leading company in the agricultural technology sector.
  • terraHORSCH offers exclusive insights into the latest technologies and innovations developed by HORSCH.
  • The customer magazine contains inspiring stories about successful farmers and their practical experiences with HORSCH products.

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