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Avatar 18 MD

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Avatar 18 MD


The Avatar 18 MD was designed for large farms with a high hectare output. The 12 600 l capacity of the machine is made up by 3 hoppers (2 000 l : 5 300 l : 5 300 l). This guarantees a high hectare output while filling stops are reduced. The new middle frame concept that has specifically been developed for the M series allows for a compact folding and a high manoeuvrability of the seed drill.
The optional weighing system allows for displaying the weight that is in the hopper. Level sensors are standard equipment in every hopper and at every metering device which immediately display in the terminal that the hopper is empty.
The electrical half-width control is standard equipment for all machines. With a SectionControl activation in the terminal this allows for automatically switching off one half of the machine on the headlands or at wedges.
The optional twin tyres lower the ground pressure and allow for sowing longer in wet conditions. The long drawbar with clearly arranged cabinet makes the machine extremely manoeuvrable despite its size.
The popular equipment option WorkLight Pro guarantees an optimum illumination of metering system and machine when sowing late at night. The 6 LED headlights do not only illuminate the 18-m-wide seed bar but also guarantee an optimum range of vision when reversing the machine.



The individual depth controlled SingleDisc coulter has especially been designed for the Avatar line. Due to its individuality and flexibility, it can be adapted to the most different sowing conditions:

  • Direct seed
  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage
  • In standing catch crops
  • Stony and very heavy, clayey soils

The interaction of SingleDisc coulter and seed firmer guarantees a safe opening of the furrow. At the same time harvest residues are removed from the furrow. The result is an optimum contact of seed and soil for quick and safe emergence.
Via the rubber buffer a coulter pressure of up to 350 kg per coulter can be transferred. The coulter pressure can be adjusted mechanically or electrically via the terminal. All pivot points and connections at the coulter are maintenance-free. The durable, maintenance-free bearings at all turning parts guarantee a long service life and operational reliability. The seed skid is equipped with a carbide wear edge for a long service life. It can even be extended with the HM+ version.
The stable depth control rolls guarantee an exact depth control of the coulter in changing or difficult conditions. This is due to different co-ordinated adjustments of the seed coulter and optional equipments.
Due to the lateral inclination of 6° and an under cut of 3° of the SingleDisc coulter the seed is placed below the surface in a slanting way. Depending on the conditions you can choose between Uniformer and catching roller:


  • Safe fixing of the seed in the furrow
  • Flexible use
  • Ideal when sowing into green catch crops

Catching roller in the row

  • Safe emergence even in dry conditions
  • High operational reliability even in very wet conditions due to the integrated parking position for the catching roller; the press wheel in this case is moved away from the working area

Depending on the soil conditions the angle of the closing wheel can be adjusted:

  • Aggressively for direct seed or on very heavy soils
  • Passively on cultivated or very light soils

You can choose between two versions:
Star wheel steel

  • For sowing in very dry conditions the star closing wheel is the optimum solution.
  • The star wheel produces important fine earth for closing the seed furrow.

Closing wheel steel

  • For sowing in wet, changing conditions the steel closing wheel is ideal
  • Closes the seed furrow even in changing conditions
  • Ideal with the offset method
  • The down force of the closing wheels can be adjusted by means of a spring without any tools.



HORSCH Avatar 18 MD
Working width (m) 18.29
Transport width (m) 4.80 with single tyres 710 / 70 R 385.11 with twin tyres 520 / 85 R 42
Transport height (m) 4.00
Length (m) 10.62
Axle load (kg)* 15 850
Vertical load (kg)* 4 370
Seed hopper capacity triple hopper (l) 2 000 : 5 300 : 5 300
Filling height triple hopper (m) 2.98
Number of seed coulters 72
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg) 350
Seed coulter Ø (cm) 48
Closing wheels Ø (cm) 33
Depth control wheels Ø (cm) 40
Row spacing (inch) 10
Tyre size seed waggon 710 / 70 R 38 single or 520 / 85 R 42 twin tyres
Tyre size support wheels 550 / 60 – 22.5
Working speed (km/h) 6 – 15
Power demand (kW/hp) from 260 / 350
DA control devices 3
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1
Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min) 60 – 80
Adjustable drawbar linkage hitch ball joint Ring hitch Ø 58 – 79 mm
Adjustable drawbar linkage ball head K 80