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The machines of the future co-operate actively and HORSCH Intelligence allows for it. With intelligent software and electronic solutions HORSCH machines work even more efficiently and help you to save money and nerves.
HORSCH technology is always equipped with ISOBUS standard. This does not only mean that every HORSCH machine can be controlled with any ISOBUS terminal. In addition, every HORSCH machine with a job computer can, as a standard, carry out functions like SectionControl, VariableRate or the order processing with the TaskController as soon as the necessary licences have been activated.


The ISOBUS SectionControl function allows for an automatic section control. The current position of the machine is determined via GPS. At the field boundaries, on the headlands or near obstacles, sections (individual row switch-off) or the whole working width are switched off automatically and thus overlapping is avoided.

Advantages of SectionControl

  • Saving of seed and fertiliser as overlapping is reduced to a minimum.
  • Constant working quality on the whole field
  • Productivity increase under various conditions (day and night, fog)
  • Reduced stress for the driver
  • Protection of the environment


The ISOBUS TaskController allows for easily transferring data from the PC to the terminal. It also is possible to transfer and document seed rates, sown hectares and other data that were recorded while sowing from the terminal to the PC. This facilitates the administration of the acreage index. Orders can be created and worked off via the integrated order handling management.

Advantages of the TaskController

  • Uncomplicated data exchange
  • Automatic documentation
  • Structured working due to data management
  • Simple administration of the acreage index
  • Simple accounting and proof for contract services


ISOBUS VariableRate allows for a site-specific application of seed and fertiliser. Thus, with an appropriate application card for every section within a field the optimum quantity of fertiliser and seed can be applied.

Advantages of VariableRate

  • Saving of seed and fertiliser as only the necessary quantity is applied
  • Homogeneous emergence with an optimum number of grains/m²
  • Simple and quick documentation– The different application rates are documented automatically.– Uncomplicated transmission to the acreage index
  • Reduced stress for the driver– Fields are drilled or fertilised automatically with the optimum application rate
  • Protection of the environment– Only the necessary amount of fertiliser is applied.


When using a HORSCH Touch 800 / 1200 terminal you can also use the MultiControl function. If SectionControl is activated, MultiControl allows for switching on and off seed and fertiliser independently. If sowing is carried out in a site-specific way with VariableRate, MultiControl varies the quantity of fertiliser and seed independently. Without MultiControl, SectionControl allows for either switching on and off either seed or fertiliser at the right time respectively VariableRate allows for varying either seed or fertiliser.