Perfect seed on extremely heavy soils

Pronto KR

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Pronto KR

Perfect seed on extremely heavy soils

What are your requirements for the new seeding technology?

  • Precise seed placement – as even germination increases yield potential.
  • High seeding speed – as perfect timing is essential.
  • Tolerance for seedbed conditions – as flexibility saves money.

How does the Pronto achieve such even germination?

  • Rotary harrow reliably produces fine earth even on the heaviest soils
  • Target consolidation with packer systems that are adapted to the site guarantee optimum sowing conditions and a contact of the seed furrow to the water
  • The mounting of the TurboDisc coulters allows for vertical adjustment movement of up to 15 cm and ensures precise contour following. All seeds are placed exactly at the specified depth.
  • 4 rubber elements / coulters release a pressure of up to 120 kg, sufficient to reliably keep them in the ground at high speed.
  • The rubber wheel at the coulter-end ensures precise seed depth and proper seed-to-soil contact.

Concept of the machine

  • Universal range of use after plough and for mulch sowing even on extremely heavy soils.
  • Seed unit and seed waggon are a self contained unit. Thus, the machine is very compact and, due to the missing axle of the seed waggon, much weight is transferred to the rear axle of the tractor. Thus, it is possible for the first time to pull a 6 m wide seed drill with rotary harrow with low horse power requirement and low slippage.
  • Single hopper with a capacity of 2 800 liter for a long range
  • Intensive cultivation due to p.t.o.-driven rotary harrow.
  • Effective consolidation in front of the seed coulters is made by a steel roller, the Cracker packer.
  • Precise seed placement due to TurboDisc double disc coulters.



Working width (m) 6.00
Transport width (m) 3.00
Transport height (m) 3.50
Length (m) 7.27
Axle load (kg)* 3 900 – 4 600
Support weight (kg)* 3 700 – 4 500
Tyre size chassis 550 / 45 – 22.5
Seed hopper capacity (l) 2 800
Number of seed coulters 40 / 48
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg) 5 – 120
Seed coulters / press wheels Ø (cm) 34 / 32
Row spacing (cm) 15.0 / 12.5
Packer (cm) FarmFlex packer Ø 55 cm / Cracker packer Ø 54 cm / Tooth packer Ø 53 cm / Trapeze ring roller Ø 50 cm
Working speed (km/h) 6 – 13
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp) 160 – 240 / 220 – 330
DA control devices 2
Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min) 20 – 25
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1
Lower link linkage Cat. III – III / IV – IV

* Weight of the machines unloaded with minimum / maximum equipment



Packer – efficient consolidation

  • Targeted and homogeneous consolidation in front of every seed coulter
  • Efficient consolidation below the seed horizon allows for guiding the water to the seed grain in an optimum way
  • 4 packer versions for an optimum adaption to the conditions of the site:
    • FarmFlex packer: profiled consolidation for medium and humous soils
    • Cracker packer: intensive crushing effect on medium and heavy soils
    • Tooth packer: universal packer for the most different soil conditions or heavily changing soils
    • Trapeze ring packer: high crushing and consolidation effect on medium and very heavy soils; perfect shaping of the seed furrow in front of the seed coulter

Rotary harrow

Packer – active seedbed preparation

  • Actively driven seedbed preparation for the different requirements of the site
  • Targeted control of the cultivation intensity in the seedbed by adapting the operational speed and the rotational speed of the rotary harrow (standard 234 or 306 rpm)
  • Solid and massive gear units and power trains for highest strains in the field
  • Tines can be changed without any tools
  • Targeted control of service life and working effect: tines are arranged in a dragging way for seedbed preparation on intensely cultivated sites:
    • Standard tines
    • HM tines (steel-clad for high service life)
    • HM+ tine (extreme wear protection with carbide technology derived from the cultivator sector)
    • Tines on grip for aggressuve cultivation of hard soils
  • Integrated pivoted frame for more precision – the angle of every half of the machine can adapt independently to the terrain
  • Working depth can be adjusted independently of the seed depth; the rotary harrow is connected via a parallelogram

Additional Features