Compact and agile front tank as an extension to the Leeb CS

Leeb FT

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The HORSCH Leeb FT completes the capacity of the mounted and trailed crop care sprayers, for example in combination with a Leeb CS to take an additonal capacity of 4 000 l along .

Compact and agile

  • Intelligent spraying technology with 3-point linkage
    FT Basic: to be used as an additional water tank with 2" suction lines towards the rear, without agitator and cleaning
    The FT Basic can be combined with all trailed Leeb models.
    FT Pro: completely integrated in the software and the water circuit of the Leeb CS, with agitator and cleaning
  • Compact dimensions and optimised centre of gravity
  • Integrated coupling triangle for comfortable mounting and dismantling
  • Completely hydraulically driven and ISOBUS control with well-known user interface
  • As an option: camera system for a better view of the area in front of the machine, with monitor and 2 lenses
  • Precise and efficient technology without any further axle

The HORSCH Leeb FT is available with a tank capacity of 1 400 or 1 800 l. The FT is a mere water tank – only with a suction line as equipment Basic or CCS Pro, completely integrated in the machine software with electric level indicator, cleaning and agitator in the Pro version. This largest front tank available on the market at the moment combined with the HORSCH Leeb CS almost turns a tractor into a compact self-propelled tractor with a net mixture tank capacity of 4 000 l.

  • In combination with the HORSCH Leeb CS, the range is almost doubled, filling and travel times are reduced.
  • Better balance: The front hopper balances the weight of the mounted sprayer in the rear and ensures improved driving characteristics of the combination.
  • Short set-up times and comfortable handling due to standard coupling triangle – no further steps required, like for example the coupling of hydraulic lines.


HORSCH Leeb FT1.4 FT 1.8 FT
Unladen weight320 – 380 kg340 – 400 kg
Overall length max. (transport position)1,60 m1,60 m
Transport width (transport position)2,48 m2,48 m
Transport height1,20 m1,40 m
Mixture tank nominal capacity1 400 l1 800 l
Mixture tank actual capacity1 500 l1 900 l



Leeb FT Basic

To be used as an additional water tank

  • With 2" suction line towards the rear
  • Without agitator and cleaning system
  • With mechanical level indicator and residual discharge
  • Can be combined with all trailed HORSCH Leeb models

With the equipment version Basic, the HORSCH Leeb FT can be combined as an additional water tank with all mounted and trailed models. In this equipment version, a 2" suction line goes to the rear towards the mounted implement. The tank does not require an additional pump and is not equipped with an agitator or a cleaning system The standard equipment includes a mechanical level indicator and a residual discharge.

Leeb FT Pro

Fully integrated in the software and water circuit of the Leeb CS

  • Incl. 1" circulation line
  • Electric level indicator
  • Fully integrated in the machine control: Cleaning, agitator, residual discharge
  • Can only be combined with HORSCH Leeb CS with CCS Pro

With the equipment versioin Pro the HORSCH Leeb FT is fully integrated into the software and into the machine control of the HORSCH Leeb CS. The Leeb CS controls the agitator, cleaning and fresh water. The equipment line Pro is only possible in combination with a Leeb CS with the CCS Pro version. The user benefits from a balanced combination as both tanks are filled evenly with the spraying mixture, a permanent circulation is taking place between the tanks and both tanks are emptied intelligently. Therefore, there always is a sufficient vertical load on the front axle of the tractor especially in hilly terrain.

Additional Features

Camera system for HORSCH front hoppers

Camera system for a better overview of the traffic area in front of the machine

  • 2 cameras at the front right and the left side of the front tank for an optimum visibility of the cross traffic
  • Separate monitor for safe display
  • The risk of accidents is reduced in confusing areas like field and farm exits
  • Dust-, pressure- and water-tight camera system

Confusing field and farm exits frequently increase the risk of traffic accidents. The camera system on the HORSCH front tanks allows for an optimum monitoring of cross traffic when leaving these crucial areas. Due to the two cameras at the right and the left side of the front hopper and the divided screen view, the driver sees everything that happens at the right and the left side. This reduces the stress on the driver and increases traffic safety.

LED working lights for apron lighting

Best visibility at night

  • Optimal illumination of the working surroundings at twilight and at night
  • Flexibly adjusting LED headlights
  • Can be switched on/off via the terminal
  • Very good illumination with low energy requirement

Two flexible LED lights in the front ensure an optimum illumination in front of the HORSCH Leeb FT front tank. Flexibility plays an important role in the crop care sector as the perfect application often has to be carried out in the evening or at night. The apron lighting guarantees an optimum illumination of the area in front of the Leeb FT combination.

Shunting roller waggon

  • Facilitates the mounting and dismantling of the front tank (for even surfaces)
  • Allows for an easy and space-saving handling of the implements
  • Solid and durable

Short set-up times and comfortable handling due to shunting roller wagon.