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Omnis FT

The cultivator Omnis FT represents the launch of a new primary tillage concept focusing on thorough profile tillage. Based upon proven principles of European primary tillage techniques, the Omnis FT integrates these intensive cultivation principles into a versatile domestic platform. Unique frame design offers versatile options for all soil types/conditions. Proven MulchMix Technology gives the ability to loosen soil at a maximum depth of 10-12 inches, lifting soil and mixing the entire soil profile both horizontally and vertically, resulting in the ultimate thorough horizontal fracture. Complete profile tillage creates a uniform and consistent soil structure throughout the entire soil profile, eliminating restrictions on root growth and improving overall soil dynamics.

Uniformity and Consistency

After harvest, primary tillage is the next determining dynamic to affect seedbed quality for the next crop. Creating an unrestrictive soil structure profile is essential for maximum root growth potential, water infiltration, and root accessibility to nutrient base, which all in turn secure maximum crop yield potentials. Thorough profile tillage provides a uniform and consistent soil structure across the full working width and to the working depth which creates an unrestrictive soil profile. Residue incorporation is important during primary tillage to accelerate decomposition. Mixing residue uniformly in the aerobic soil zone allows soil bacteria and fungi to accelerate decomposition, unlocking the fertilizer nutrient value of the residue and eliminating host environments for pathogens. Uniform residue distribution within the upper soil profile protects soil with adequate cover and creates an optimum prelude to seedbed preparation.


Not every farm is the same. Different conditions require different tools. The ability to work at both shallow depths and deeper depths adds versatility to the Omnis FT concept. A wide variety of finishing systems are available including rolling baskets or 3 bar harrows, solo or in combination with leveling tines or leveling discs, can be adapted to the rear of the unit. Rear hitch options are available if a tow-implement is desired. Cutting coulter option is available if conditions include residue that has been unprepared or unsized at harvest. These coulters are attached in front of each shank to maximize material throughout and keeps the machine balanced. Large tires on the chassis ensure excellent floatation in softer soils and during seasons where moisture can limit tillage efficiency.

Residue Utilization

By providing a deep loosening action along with soil lift, the MulchMix system incorporates crop residues uniformly within the aerobic soil zone. Soil bacteria and fungi have the optimum environment to start breakdown and accelerate decomposition of the residue. Rather than simply managing the residue, residue is utilized for its fertilizer nutrient value and quickly decomposed to eliminate host areas for pathogens.

Advantages of Omnis FT

  • Achieve thorough horizontal fracture and thorough profile tillage at a variety of working depths from 4-5 inches up to 10-12 inches.
  • Excellent performance in field conditions where harvest residues have been processed with combine/header or shredded.
  • Incorporate residue within the aerobic soil zone for accelerated decomposition.
  • Creation of an unrestrictive root environment along with improved oxygen and water infiltration.
  • Variety of finishing and leveling options to suit desired soil conditioning.
  • MulchMix system combines perfect geometry with proven trip mechanism, shank, selection of points, and wing sweeps for superior primary tillage.
  • TerraGrip III trip mechanism and shanks on 15 inch spacing for thorough horizontal fracture and are rated at 1800 lbs trip force for precise engagement.
  • 35 degree point-angle of engagement to create maximum lifting action and deep loosening in the tilled profile.
  • Optional wing sweeps can be installed for shallow primary tillage for weed control and uniform tillage profile.
  • Right and left hand curved mixing boards direct lifted soil further upward, creating thorough soil mixing action across the full profile width.
  • Simple depth adjustment, zero lubrication points on trip mechanisms, and overall easy to maintain.


Working Width11 ft 3 in16 ft 3 in21 ft 3 in21 ft 3 in26 ft 3 in
Transport Height5 ft 9 in5 ft 9 in5 ft 9 in12 ft 3 in15 ft 8 in
Frame TypeRigidRigidRigidFoldingFolding
Number of Shanks913171721
Shank Spacing15 in15 in15 in15 in15 in
Shank Trip Force1800 lb1800 lb1800 lb1800 lb1800 lb
Shank TypeTerraGrip IIITerraGrip IIITerraGrip IIITerraGrip IIITerraGrip III
Depth ControlManualManualManualManualManual
Number of Ranks44444
Tires2 - Agriflex+
2 - Agriflex+
2 - Agriflex+
2 - Agriflex+
2 - Agriflex+


Finishing Options (Select One):Rear Hitch Options:Point Options:
Leveling TinesRear Hitch 1.5“ PinHeavy Duty Carbide Points 80mm
Leveling DiscsRear Hitch Hydraulic Torpedo HitchCarbide Tipped Points W/ Hardening 80mm
3-Bar Heavy HarrowHydraulic Hose to Rear HitchCarbide Tipped Points 80mm
Rolling Basket Standard Points 80mm
Leveling Tines & 3- Bar Heavy Harrow Standard Points 120mm
Leveling Discs & 3-Bar Heavy Harrow  
Leveling Tines & Rolling Basket  
Leveling Discs & Rolling Basket  


Additional Features