HORSCH Cura ST 24 - Efficient and precise harrow technology
Efficient and precise harrow technology

Cura 24 ST

HORSCH Canada INC Products Hybrid Farming | Cura 24 ST

Strong arguments

  • 6-bar design with a tine spacing of 28 mm
  • The closed frame design made of square tubes guarantees an increased torsional stiffness
  • The springs are attached above the frame and allow for a gentle harrowing of high populations
  • The double spring allows for a working range from 300 g to 5 000 g and for a fine blind harrowing as well as for working very aggressively
  • Optional: 100° or 125° tine angle depending on crop and soil conditions
  • Optional: tines with carbide coating


  • Complete control from the cabin via ISOBUS and Load Sensing
  • Tine pressure and frame height can be adapted in an infinitely variable way while driving via an ISOBUS terminal
  • SectionControl to minimise overlaps
  • Support wheels can be adapted to row crop with 45, 50 and 75 cm

Range of use

  • Light seedbed preparation resp. keeping fields black
  • Pre-emergence harrowing after sowing
  • Harrowing in the population
  • Harrowing of row crops
  • Break puddlings and aerate the soil



Working width (m)24,50
Transport width (m)2,95
Machine height (m)3,65
Length (m)8,10
Weight (kg)*8 700
Bar spacing (mm)200
Tine spacing (mm)28
Tyre size support wheels7.50 – 16 AS
Tyre size chassis400 / 60 – 22.5 or 550 / 45 – 22.5
Frame height (mm)450
DA control devicesLoad Sensing with ISOBUS
Adjustable drawbar linkage with ring hitchØ 46 or 58 mm
Adjustable drawbar linkage with ball head couplingK 80 (mm)
Horsepower requirement from (kW/hp)150 / 200


* Weights of the machines with minimum equipment