HORSCH Canada INC Products Intelligence | RowControl

As of 2020, some selected product lines of the HORSCH universal seed drills will be available with the new RowControl distribution tower . Due to the use of the individual row switch-off, overlapping and gaps, thus, will be a thing of the past. Seed, fertiliser and micro-granular compound will be saved. It will be possible to precisely sow non-sown strips without having to put up with overlapping and increased population density. Tramlines can be switched in every individual row. You no longer have to position the machine at the beginning of the field according to a certain pattern.
Due to its sophisticated seed and air guidance the HORSCH RowControl distribution tower can switch off individual rows without influencing the lateral distribution of the machine. In practical use it might make sense to combine individual rows to little groups. With the development of the RowControl distribution tower HORSCH consequently continues to increase precision while sowing.

The RowControl distribution tower is available for the following machines

  • Express 3 KR
  • Focus 6 TD
  • Pronto 3 DC
  • Pronto 4 DC
  • Pronto 6 DC
  • Serto 10 SC
  • Serto 12 SC

Requirements for RowControl


  • Existing RTK signal is used to precisely turn the sections on and off
  • Field boundaries and headland lines help the machine to recognise SectionControl


  • Track Leader II for tramline management
  • SectionControl activation for switching the rows on and off precisely
  • For double hopper machines a MultiControl activation is required to precisely control several components