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24 hours – 24 rows WORLD RECORD!

Since 28 April, CLAAS and Horsch have jointly held the world record in the precision drilling of maize. Inside 24 hours, a total area of 448.29 hectares was tilled and fertilised simultaneously by means of a XERION 5000 and a Maestro 24.70 SW single-grain seed drill.

The goal of the combined bid was to sow 24 rows of maize at a high speed averaging 14.7 km/h and with a very good coefficient of variation. It is the first world record of this kind in which maize drilling was carried out with underground fertilisation. The attempt was staged in Russia because the Eastern European market offers the greatest potential for the technique used here. The 16-man world-record-setting team was made up of CLAAS and Horsch employees and included two independent experts.

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Airseeder 2003

On 23rd / 24th April 2003 a new world record in "Combiseeding" (sowing and fertilising simultaneously) has been set up in the Ukraine. In 24 hours a HORSCH Airseeder 18.35 and an Agco Challenger cultivated 571 ha and drilled 130 kg / ha of seed (spring barley) and 370 kg/ha of PFK fertiliser (16 / 16 / 16) simultaneously.

"It was the combination of most modern seeding techniques, solid and reliable horsepower, effective logistics and the determination of the employees of our partner in the Ukraine, Agro Soyuz," says Michael Horsch, owner and Managing Director of HORSCH Maschinen GmbH, Schwandorf, "that led to the success of this attempt. The weather was the greatest risk. Similar to the experience of thousands of farmers before sowing the climatic conditions – two weeks before sowing the area was still covered by snow – had been the real challenge. But even with the partly very damp soil and the beginning of drizzle while sowing, our Airseeder (18 m working width) equipped with HORSCH Duett coulters showed what modern seeding technique is capable of doing."

HORSCH Seeding Technique:

For the record attempt a HORSCH Airseeder 18.35 with a HORSCH Seed Waggon SW 17600 SD was used. The Airseeder has a working width of 18 m and 52 coulters. As the machine was equipped with HORSCH Duett coulters and the HORSCH PPF system, it was possible to sow 130 kg/ha of spring barley and to place 370 kg / ha of NPK fertiliser simultaneously. The fertiliser is placed underneath the seed horizon, absolutely separated from the seed. The contents of the seed waggon which consists of three chambers is 17.600 litres, one chamber (40 %) was used for seed and two chambers (30 % + 30 %) for NPK fertiliser. In addition, the seed waggon has an electronic weighing system. The three HORSCH metering units are driven electronically by the HORSCH DrillManager including a radar recording the exact driving speed.


The Agco Challenger MT 865 (500 hp) was equipped with a Beeline DGPS Autotrac system that drove the Challenger automatically with an accuracy of 2 centimetres.

HORSCH Auger Waggon:

The filling times for the seed drill had to be reduced to 5 minutes. This meant to fill approx. 9 t of fertiliser and 6 t of seed into three chambers in less than 5 minutes. For this task a special auger waggon with three chambers and separate filling augers was designed by HORSCH. Thus, a simultaneous filling of all three chambers was possible. In the record attempt the filling times were between 3,5 – 4,5 minutes.

"For us, however, it is not the world record and the superlative that is top priority. It is our objective to prove the efficiency of our seeding technique with these extraordinary measures", says Horsch. "Because the seeding technique is the same for 3-, 4-, 6- or as in the world record for 18 m working width. In the end when sowing, it is not about world records, but about the basis for the farmers’ success!"

World record facts:

Total area sown 571.9 ha / 24 h
Workrate 23,8 ha / h
Working speed 15 – 19 km / h
Pneumatic output* 300 kg / min
Fuel consumption 3,84 l / ha

* Fan output