The second manufacturing site and headquarters of the company “HORSCH Industrietechnik”

The first production facility of HORSCH Maschinen GmbH in Ronneburg (Thüringen, Germany) was opened in 2007.

Thus, HORSCH invested for the first time in a modern production site outside the corporate headquarters on the farm Sitzenhof. Two companies are located in Ronneburg. The company “HORSCH Industrietechnik” is solely a production site and processes steel and sheet metal. Advanced sheet metal processing, laser and folding machines, and welding robots process steel to be delivered to the machine manufacturing facility of Horsch Maschinen GmbH. Today, the number of employees at this HORSCH site reaches more than 140 persons. Moreover, HORSCH Industrietechnik will invest in new welding robot welding and laser machines.

Another company that is located on this site is HORSCH Ronneburg – a large painting and assembly center with more than 140 employees. An advanced powder coating facility allows to be using modern approaches to painting. On the assembly lines serviced by professional and well trained staff such lines of products as Terrano, Pronto and Joker are assembled. This ultra-modern factory will be greatly expanded in 2012 by adding an additional painting facility and improvements in the area of delivery logistics and warehousing for finished machines.

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH
Am Horsch Werk 6
07580 Ronneburg

+49 36602 5145-0


HORSCH Industrietechnik GmbH
Am Horsch Werk 8
07580 Ronneburg

+49 36602 5145-210
+49 36602 514512210