The Pronto NT allows for mulch and direct seeding with the well-proven TurboDisc seed coulter. The ondulated/cutting discs cut organic material and cultivate the soil only in the seed rows.

Universal seed drill for all conditions

  • Precise seed placement – for only a perfectly placed grain achieves top yields
  • High seeding speed – as the optimum time for seeding is limited.
  • Tolerance with regard to the condition of the seedbed – as flexibility in tillage saves money
  • Ondulated discs pre-cut the seed row in a targeted way and remove harvest residues, rough structures or dry soil from the immediate seed area.
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  • Ideal in wet, heavy conditions
  • Direct seed
  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage
  • Sowing into standing catch crop is possible

The Pronto NT concept has been developed together with farmers from Eastern Europe and North Asia.
These farms were looking for an efficient but still compact universal seed drill that safely places the seed on heavy soils in dry conditions and at the same time works without blocking in rather wet conditions.
The concept of the weight transfer from the seed wagon to the disc system of the 10 m and 12 m models has huge advantages in heavy conditions to better penetrate the soil as well as in light or wet conditions to avoid tracks of the seed wagon. The Grain & Fertiliser double hopper version allows for placing the starter fertiliser together with the seed thus ensuring an excellent fertiliser efficiency.

Johannes Kluth – sales

Technical specifications