The Express KR combines the well-proven HORSCH seeding technology with pto-shaft driven tillage with the power harrow Kredo. It allows for an intensive seedbed preparation even in difficult conditions.

3-point seed drill with power harrow Kredo

  • 3-point seed drill for an intensive seedbed preparation even in difficult conditions
  • Packer versions for different conditions are available
  • TurboDisc seed coulters ensure a perfect seed placement
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  • Universal range of applications after plough
  • For mulch seeding even on extremely heavy soils
  • After conventional tillage
  • On stony and very heavy clayey soils

Since the launch of the Express KR line, the combination of the well-proven TurboDisc coulter technology and innovative design characteristics has been very popular among the customers.
The precise, electronic seed metering combined with the easy to adjust seed depth is very much appreciated by farmers and contractors.
A machine can be called successful if the demand for it remains very high over the years.

Gareth Burgess – Sales

Technical specifications