The HORSCH Pronto AS offers utmost flexibility with regard to the placement of the seed. Third generation TurboDisc seed coulters or a Maestro RV seedbar can be replaced quickly and easily.

Universal seed drill for all conditions

  • Safe emergence due to perfect embedding of the seed
  • Optimum utilisation of the ideal sowing times due to high hectare output and operational speeds up to 20 km/h
  • Maximum flexibility due to exchangeable seed bar
  • Large chassis tyres for road transport
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  • Perfect sowing in different cultivated soils. Stale seedbed, after the plough or intensively mixed passes.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of sowing applications. In addition to the traditional crops like rape / wheat / barley, coarse-grained legumes / grass / catch crops etc are also possible.
  • With the optimised spelt pneumatics even spelt with husks is no challenge at all.

The Pronto 6 AS is an all-round machine. Long road transports or wet conditions in the field - the large chassis tyres easily meet these challenges! Another advantage of the machine concept is the compatibility of the 3-point device. It allows for switching between packer and TurboDisc seed coulters or a single grain seed with a HORSCH Maestro.
Thus, the machine is the perfect solution for contractors and customer who want to remain flexible.

Dennis Bielau – Sales

Technical specifications