The Pronto NT allows for mulch and direct seeding with the well-proven TurboDisc seed coulter. The ondulated/cutting discs cut organic material and cultivate the soil only in the seed rows.

Universal seed drill for all conditions

  • Precise seed placement – for only a perfectly placed grain achieves top yields
  • High seeding speed – as the optimum time for seeding is limited.
  • Tolerance with regard to the condition of the seedbed – as flexibility in tillage saves money
  • Ondulated discs pre-cut the seed row in a targeted way and remove harvest residues, rough structures or dry soil from the immediate seed area.
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  • Ideal in wet, heavy conditions
  • Direct seed
  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage
  • Sowing into standing catch crop is possible

The Pronto NT excels due to its flexible range of use. After minimum tillage or with direct seeding, this machine can achieve optimum results. The ondulated discs can be adjusted independently of the seed coulters, remove and loosen the seed furrow and thus ensure an excellent seed placement. Due to this variability and the high clearance of the ondulated discs, the seed drill can be adapted to wet as well as to very dry conditions. The large hopper capacity and the filling auger reduce idle times during the filling process and increase efficiency while seeding.

Viktor Loreze – sales

Technical specifications