Innovative and robust tine seeding technology

Sprinter SW

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Specialisation, growth, cooperation: due to rapid changes in agriculture, manufacturers of agricultural equipment are facing new challenges. Optimising the cultivation, seeding and harvesting process, reducing costs as well as increasing yields and quality of crops are our prime goals. As an innovative pioneer, HORSCH has become one of the leading manufacturers of cultivation and seeding technology. New technological standards are rigorously tested in our trials – standards of quality, precision and durability. HORSCH advises farmers on the development of individual cropping systems and farming strategies. Together with our distributors and service agents HORSCH aims to provide the best customer service by ensuring that repairs are carried out swiftly and that spare parts are always available.

Soil preparation, seeding, fertilisation, consolidation

The Sprinter ST is a tine seeder that combines soil preparation, seeding and fertilisation in one pass. The robust Sprinter has clear advantages in min-till conditions, with lots of straw residues still remaining on the soil surface. Strong frame design, low draft coulters and large seed hoppers allow high performance with an excellent economic input / output ratio.
Several time-consuming processes are reduced to one pass, thus increasing the precision of seed and fertiliser placement. The gentle tyre packing system ensures optimal seed to soil contact. Not only does the use of the Sprinter result in better efficiency, but in an improved, even seed germination and stronger plants (HORSCH PPF system). Ideal conditions for high yield potential are thereby created.

Two models to help you to achieve these aims

  • Sprinter ST:
    • 3 ST: tandem packer (without brake), tyre packer (with brake)
    • 4 / 6 ST: only tandem packer (with and without brake)
  • Sprinter 8 / 9 / 12 SW: only tyre packer (with and without brake)

Seeding with high precision

The multi-row frame of the Sprinter is carried by front wheels / front packer and the tandem tyre packer. The depth control is separate for each frame section. Thus, each section can adjust individually to the ground surface and place the seeds precisely at the set depth. When lifting or lowering the Sprinter, the whole frame is moved to ensure quick u-turns and an even start of operation.
All Sprinter ST are equipped with large-capacity seed hoppers up to 5 000 litres. The seed waggon of the Sprinter SW even has a capacity of 8 000 litres of seed and fertiliser for maximum efficiency.
The coulters are mounted on durable tines with a trip release system. The trip release system requires more than 200 kg of force in order to set off. This ensures consistent seeding depth – also in problematic soil types and conditions.
The coulters place the seeds in bands. A harrow provides even soil coverage (except for 12 SW). Finally each seed band is consolidated with a tyre packer (tractor treaded tyres) to guarantee good seed to soil contact.

Your benefits include

  • High efficiency by combining soil preparation and seeding in one pass
  • Good performance (acreage per hour)
  • Flexible handling
  • Excellent levelling qualities
  • Large tine stagger guarantees high trash clearance
  • High coulter pressure (up to 285 kg) ensures precise depth control
  • Optimal seed to soil contact
  • High efficiency due to large-capacity hoppers
  • 3 m to 12 m working width

Sprinter SW

Innovative and robusttine seeding technology

Sprinter SW

The Sprinter is a robust, compact and multifunctional tine seed drill available in working widths from 3 to 12 m. Due to the Duett coulter it is possible to sow, fertilise and at the same time cultivate the soil effectively as well as produce fine soil in the area where the seed is placed.
The Sprinter tines effectively remove harvest residues from the seed horizon. Due to its large-capacity seed hopper the Sprinter is a high hectare output machine.
The seed coulters of the Sprinter are arranged in 3 bars (Sprinter 12 SW in 2 bars) with a tine spacing of 25 cm to 32 cm. They prepare the seedbed in an optimal way. As with a cultivator tine the soil is loosened, levelled, mixed and crushed.

Your benefits include

  • Universal use: after plough, minimum cultivation and direct sowing
  • Sprinter SW: up to 8 000 l seed or 4 000 l seed + 4 000 l fertiliser
  • Working speeds of 8 – 15 km/h
  • Tines remove harvest residues effectively from the seed horizon
  • High coulter pressure (285 kg) for exact depth control
  • Low horsepower requirement
  • Seeding coulter and tools for mixing, crushing and levelling
  • Specific consolidaton in the germination zone
  • High efficiency of the Sprinter with large hopper for fertiliser and seed

Large seed hopper

The seed waggon 8000 SW of the Sprinter SW has a capacity of 8 000 litres (partition 50 % seed / 50 % solid or liquid fertiliser).

Good manoeuvrability

A 2-point pivoting headstock links the compact Sprinter with the tractor. Tractors with wide tyres can make close turns, up to 90°. Any mechanical drives were eliminated.

Precise depth control

The Sprinter is carried and the seeding depth controlled by two front wheels, the tandem packer* and the tractor. A front packing system is optional and supports precise depth control.

* Sprinter 8 / 9 / 12 SW: only tyre packer (with and without brake)

PPF system for granular or liquid fertiliser

The Sprinter SW can be equipped with the HORSCH PPF system (Precision Placement of Fertiliser). The granular or liquid system includes a two compartment hopper for seed and fertiliser on the SW.

Your benefits include

  • Compact design
  • Good manoeuvrability and low draft requirement
  • Easy to use
  • Large seed hopper



HORSCH Sprinter SW Sprinter 8 SW Sprinter 9 SW Sprinter 10 SW Sprinter 12 SW
Working width (m) 8.00 9.00 10.00 12.00
Transport width (m) 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.30
Transport height (m) 4.00 4.00 4.50 4.00
Length without SW 8000 SD (m) 6.85 6.85 6.85 5.95
Length with SW 8000 SD (m) 12.10 12.10 12.10 11.30
Weight without SW 8000 SD (kg)* 7 000 7 700 8 400 10 300
Weight with SW 8000 SD (kg)* 10 750 11 500 12 200 14 200
Hopper capacity seed waggon (l) 8 000 (50 : 50) 8 000 (50 : 50) 8 000 (50 : 50) 8 000 (50 : 50)
Dimension feed opening (m) per 0.99 x 0.72 per 0.99 x 0.72 per 0.99 x 0.72 per 0.99 x 0.72
Filling height (m) 3.05 3.05 3.05 3.05
Tine spacing (cm) 28.50 30.00 30.00 30.00
Number of seed coulters / coulter rows 28 / 3 30 / 3 34 / 3 40 / 2
Tyre packer size 7.50 – 16 AS 7.50 – 16 AS 7.50 – 16 AS 7.50 – 16 AS
Tyre packer Ø (cm) 78 78 78 78
Working speed (km/h) 8 – 15 8 – 15 8 – 15 8 – 15
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp) 200 – 270 / 270 – 370 220 – 310 / 300 – 420 240 – 330 / 330 – 450 240 – 330 / 330 – 450
DA control devices 2 2 2 2
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1 1 1 1
Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min) 50 – 60 50 – 60 50 – 60 70 – 90
Adj. drawbar linkage Pin Ø 50 – 70 mm Pin Ø 50 – 70 mm Pin Ø 50 – 70 mm Pin Ø 50 – 70 mm
Ball-type linkage K 80 K 80 K 80 K 80

* Weights of the machines with minimum equipment with front support wheels and seed system partitioned hopper



Specialised for individual requirements

The HORSCH MultiGrip tine has balanced spring characteristics with a coulter pressure of 285 kg. The powerful set of springs ensures precise coulter setting and therefore seeding depth – even in heavy soil. High quality materials and large pivoting points make grease nipples unnecessary. The seed coulters of the Sprinters are arranged in 3 bars with a tine spacing from 25 cm to 32 cm (depending on the working width). (Sprinter 8 / 9 SW: 3-bar, Sprinter 12 SW: 2-bar).

Different coulters are available which can be changed easily. The coulters prepare a perfect seed bed. Like a cultivator they loose, level, mix and crush the soil. The coulters remove stones, rough soil clods and straw residues from the area of seed placement. The seeds are placed with precision and the young plants can grow undisturbed and develop a strong root system.

Your benefits include

  • Optimal seed bed preparation
  • Precise seed placement
  • Simultaneous fertiliser placement with HORSCH PPF system optional
  • Low maintenance and wearing costs (Sprinter ST and SW)

Harrow and tandem packer

Levelling, covering, consolidation

To ensure proper seed coverage and an even soil / straw distribution above the seed bands, a 2-row harrow follows behind the coulters (for Sprinter 12 SW this is carried out via a disc levelling system). The harrow can be adjusted in height and angle.
At last, the tandem tyre packer consolidates the seed band. Sprinter 8 / 9 / 12 SW: only tyre packer (with and without brake). The packing system is aligned in such a way that each tyre follows exactly behind a coulter. Thus, each seed band is consolidated evenly and each seed has optimal soil contact. The tyres have a tractor profile tread and are filled with air.
The tractor profile of the tyres and the consistent tensioning of the rubber keep the tyres clean, also under wet conditions. For road transport the packer of the middle segment serves as a chassis. An additional front packer on the Sprinter improves the crumbling and the levelling of the soil and facilitates an exact seed placement.

Your benefits include

  • Precise depth control
  • Even coverage of seeds
  • Optimal seed to soil contact by aligning packing system with coulters
  • Self cleaning tyre packer

PPF system

PPF system – precise and efficient placement of fertiliser

  • Precise placement of nutrients close to the plant
  • Quick and sustainable fertiliser effect
  • High efficiency of fertiliser
  • High stability of fertiliser
  • Good plant tolerance also with large fertiliser quantities
  • High economic viability of fertiliser usage
  • Available as an option for Sprinter ST and SW
  1. Replaceable coulter point – opens the soil and loosens the area below the seeds
  2. Fertiliser pipe – to place the fertiliser below the seeds
  3. Wedge shaped plate – closes the slot and consolidates the soil for 2 – 3 cm
  4. Plastic slide shield – soil does not stick to it, even under wet conditions
  5. Seed pipe, seed placement in a double row


Micro-granular compound

Micro-granular unit for Sprinter 3 / 4 / 6 ST

  • Resilient auger metering device made of stainless steel
  • Easy calibration
  • Electronic control of the metering quantity
  • Direct feed-in into the seed pneumatics
  • For Sprinter 4 and 6 ST application of up to three components is possible (seed, fertiliser and micro-granular compound)



  • Narrow tine seed coulter, ideal for sowing catch crops directly into the stubbles
  • SingleShot and DoubleShot are possible


  • Wide tine seed coulter for an approx. 7 cm wide band sowing
  • SingleShot and DoubleShot are possible

Additional Features