The Pronto KR is known for its universal range of applications after plough and for mulch seeding. Intensive tillage and reliable fine soil production due to the pto-shaft driven power harrow.

Universal seed drill for all conditions

  • Intensive tillage due to pto-shaft driven rotary harrow
  • Efficient consolidation in front of the seed coulters is carried out by different packer options
  • Integrated pivoted frame for more precision – every machine half can independently adapt its angle to the terrain
  • Working depth adjustable independently of the seed depth, connection of the rotary harrow via a parallelogram
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  • Universal range of applications after plough
  • For mulch seeding even on extremely heavy soils
  • After conventional tillage
  • Stony and very heavy, clayey soils

The Pronto KR has been fascinating me since I first worked with the machine.

The main characteristics of this drill are the clear arrangement and manoeuvrability as well as an easy machine operation. While seeding, most of the machine weight is transferred to the rear axle of the tractor. This allows for working with comparatively small standard tractors.

Florian Ermer – sales

Technical specifications