Unlimited compatibility regardless of the manufacturer and complete precision due to HORSCH ISOBUS solutions.

Year after year, electronics and software allow for new functions in and around a machine. In our sector, we are only at the beginning of an intelligent linking of functions, machines and services. In the future, HORSCH wants to use the resulting possibilities for the optimisation of work processes and communication for the customers even more useful. This is the reason why in the sector of systems engineering a large team of developers is working on the automation and connectivity of our machines. We attach utmost importance to the reliability of components and functions. It is our objective to continuously improve the ease of use and the productivity of HORSCH machines by means of electronics, software and telemetric data links while at the same time we continue to reduce electronic-related breakdowns. To ensure a smooth electronic coupling of our machines with tractors and farm management software, we and a lot of other manufacturers of agricultural machinery co-operate in the AEF with regard to a practice-oriented standardisation of ISOBUS and data interfaces. Below we will show you some current and future functions and products from our electronic development team for the sectors seed drills, plant protection and telemetry.

Philipp Horsch