The HORSCH Tiger AS is ideal for shallow tillage and deep loosening at a depth of 35 cm. It breaks plough pans and at the same time mixes in organic material reliably across the whole cultivation horizon.

A heavy cultivator for deep cultivation up to max. 35 cm with a solid design

  • 4-bar design with a tine spacing of 23 cm for intensive mixing
  • Robust design for hardest conditions and long service life
  • Wide selection of packer options for intensive consolidation
  • Maintenance-free TerraGrip tine system with a release force of 500 kg and a very long service life
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  • Shallow tillage to primary soil cultivation up to a depth of 35 cm
  • Even mixing in of harvest residues, catch crops and organic fertilisers across the whole cultivation horizon
  • 4-bar design and a tine spacing of 23 cm for intensive mixing and high clearance even with a lot of organic matter
  • Wide selection of most different packer options for optimum consolidation
  • Additional equipment like fertiliser distributor, MiniDrill and a good deal more

The HORSCH Tiger AS is ideal for farms that are looking for a real alternative to the plough. Deep loosening, perfect mixing in combination with a robust design – this is the Tiger AS.

Maximilian Plappert

Technical specifications