A Pronto TD combines well-proven seed drill components with a HORSCH Tiger. Thus, passes are reduced and efficiency is optimised.

Faster - Simpler - Safer

  • High efficiency
  • Utilisation of the soil moisture ensures ideal germination conditions
  • Top quality of work for tillage and seeding
  • Intensive tillage and precise seeding in one pass
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  • All crops can be sown
  • Light and medium soils
  • Intensive tillage and precise seeding in one pass
  • Perfect sowing in different cultivated soils. For mulch seeding, after the plough or intensively mixing passes.

The Pronto TD is a complete seed drill on a HORSCH Tiger. The TurboDisc seed coulters that are well-established in the market and the very precise HORSCH metering system are combined with a hopper capacity of 2 000 l. The option to install a tramline system and a seed flow control complete the functional range of the Pronto TD. Deep loosening, intensive mixing and an even consolidation ensure optimum emergence.

Maximilian Plappert – Product Marketing Tillage

Technical specifications