The Pronto SW concept ensures maximum efficiency for large farms after plough and for mulch seeding. The combination with a large-capacity HORSCH seed wagon maximises efficiency.

Universal seed drill for all conditions

  • Very simple, clear adjustment
  • Low horsepower requirement: low weight, possibility of intermediate and side packer mounted on the machine frame
  • Up to three different components can be placed on two different horizons
  • DiscSystem as a front tool: 46 cm disc diameter with high circumferential speed for high fine soil production
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  • Perfect sowing in different cultivated soils. Stale seedbed, after the plough or intensively mixed passes.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of sowing applications. In addition to the traditional crops like rape / wheat / barley, coarse-grained legumes / grass / catch crops etc are also possible.
  • With the optimised spelt pneumatics even spelt with husks is no challenge at all.

With the Pronto SW farmers achieve maximum efficiency combined with utmost precision with regard to seed placement.

The 2- or 3-part seed wagons allow for placing up to three different grain and fertiliser types in different placement horizons in only one pass.

For me, the Pronto SW is the optimum machine combination for large farms that have to sow a lot of hectares in a limited time window.

Håkan Westesson – sales

Technical specifications