Row Equipment


In addition to a precise placement of the grains the exact positioning of fertilisers or plant protection agents is very important for single grain sowing.
The rows of the Maestros, thus, can be equipped with different components to provide an optimum solution for all requirements and demands.

SingleDisc fertiliser coulter

The SingleDisc fertiliser coulter is suspended independently of the seed row. The placement depth can be set to 5 to 9 m. The coulter pressure can be adapted quickly and without any tools to the prevailing soil conditions to guarantee a smooth running and a constant depth placement of the fertiliser. The fertiliser coulter can be deactivated by lifting.

DoubleDisc fertiliser coulter

The depth of the DoubleDisc coulter is controlled via the flange plate of the seed row. The fertiliser is placed at the same depth as the grains resp. 3 to 5 cm below the sowing depth. The coulter pressure for fertiliser coulter and row can comfortably be controlled via the hydraulic cylinder in the parallelogram. The DoubleDisc fertiliser coulter is only available for machines with AirVac metering.

Application of micro-granular compound

With the Maestros micro-granular components can be applied at two different positions. Fertiliser granulate as well as plant protection agents are normally applied via the first release position into the seed furrow. There is a direct contact to the grain, the agents can be absorbed immediately by the seedling and the young plant in an optimum way. The second placement option is the little baffle behind the closing wheels. This way, undersown crops or slug pellets can be distributed widely.