Compact, robust, precise and versatile – the Transformer VF can be used in all common root crops and row spacings from 15 to 80 cm. The innovative camera technology, RowLift (SectionControl) and other equipment options make the Transformer VF a precise and efficient machine for mechanical weed control. 

Utmost precision combined with a long service life and maximum efficiency - Transformer VF

  • High work rate and stability
  • Robust and compact design
  • Variability and precision
  • Easy operation
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  • Robust and precise design for hardest and stony soils
  • Row crops with a row spacing ranging from 15 to 80 cm
  • Up to 85 kg downforce per row for an easy penetration and a smooth running
  • Can be used in different situations due to easy modification of the units from for example 25 to 50 cm
  • Operational speeds up to 12 km/h

With the increase of root crops in the past years to more than 1 500 ha of sunflowers, grain maize and soya, we, in spring 2021,  took the only logical step of adapting the working width of our sowing and hoeing technology from 6 to 12 m. To be able to carry out an even more precise and efficient mechanical weed control, we bought a Maestro 24.50 SV and two matching hoes Transformer 12 VF with a row spacing of 50 cm.
In addition to the stable frame design, the slide frame that is mounted directly behind the tractor as well as the GPS-assisted individual row lifting of the hoeing elements on diagonal headlands  were other reasons to buy the hoes. Another advantage compared to competitor products are the wide contact area of the individual parallelograms which ensures a considerably increased hoeing precision on our some of our very stony fields.

Dr. Christian Littmann (Producer Group Fürstenhof)

Technical specifications