The Maestro RV/RX excels due to its compact design, its universal suitability for all crops and the reliable, precise singulation while at the same time it is easy to handle

Professional technology for 3-point linkage

  • Versatile single grain seed drill for: maize, sunflowers, sugar beet, sorghum, rapeseed, soybeans and other bean species
  • Rugged and reliable technology – heavy parallelogram and row unit for highest demands
  • Coulter pressures up to 350 kg for optimum seeding even in most difficult conditions (only with weight transfer) or automatic, soil-dependent coulter pressure adjustment AutoForce
  • High work rate due to a high range in combination with the HORSCH Partner FT models
  • Compact unit with low demands on the tractor
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  • Precise and simple singulation of all crops with HORSCH AirVac or AirSpeed
  • Operational speed up to 12 km/h possible with AirVac, up to 15 km/h with AirSpeed
  • AutoForce for optimum embedding of the grain and regular emergence even in changing soil conditions
  • Underground fertilisation with single disc fertiliser coulter or double disc fertiliser coulter
  • Conventional use after plough, mulch seed or direct seed

Technical specifications