Versatile, robust, precise – the HORSCH Avatar line combines all these characteristics. Maximum precision is achieved due to the SingleDisc single disc coulter and one depth control wheel per seed coulter.

Versatile for direct and mulch seeding and with variable row spacings

  • Wide range of applications from direct seeding to mulch seeding and to the offset method
  • Selective hosing, seeding with double row spacing
  • High operational speed up to 15 km/h test
  • Coulter pressure up to 350 kg per coulter
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  • Direct seed
  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage
  • Sowing into standing catch crop is possible
  • In stony and very heavy, clayey soils

Since 5 years we have been using the Avatar 6 SD on our 750 ha and our experiences are only positive. The heavy soils with a short rotation wheat/barley/rape encourage the development of weeds and black grass. To fight the black grass problem, we carry out a cultivation after the harvest to make the weeds emerge. Before sowing, the fields are treated with glyphosate. Then the Avatar with the large single disc seed coulter is used. It moves only little soil while seeding and minimises further emergence of weed. We noticed that with reduced tillage we can drive earlier on the fields after rain and that biodiversity increases. Moreover, we attach great importance to efficiency to be able to sow at the optimum time. With all these advantages the 6 m Avatar pays off quickly.

Johannes von Keiser

Technical specifications