From controlling the machine via smartphone to recording and processing telemetry data. Use HorschConnect to benefit from the advantages of digitalisation. 

With regard to hardware, you only need the HORSCH SmartCan that is equipped with the most different technologies. The system is available for different technologies in the seed drill, crop care and Maestro sector.

"The basis for the next development steps is a connection to the internet. The bunch of new possibilities and functions cannot start to grow until this step has been carried out.”

Whether the operation of certain machine functions via smartphone or the transmission of telemetry data – these are only a few examples of how interlinked agricultural engineering already is!
How much potential is in the digitalisation of work processes, which chances result from it? See the following video to discover what hides behind the term HorschConnect!

Get started with HorschConnect

  • Available for seed drills, single grain seed drills and the crop care sector
  • From the hardware side the machine has to be equipped with HorschConnect
  • We attach great importance to the protection of data privacy: personal data are only processed in accordance with all applicable data protection acts (e.g. BGSG, EU-DS-GVO)

For more comfort and flexibility: MobileControl

What to expect:

  • Quick and easy: Control selected machine functions, i.e. calibration, comfortably via your smartphone
  • Maestro row test: Always an eye on the singulation quality (gaps, double spot, VC) of your machine
  • Read out the error memory and send it with one single click
  • Rotor selection: Find the optimum rotor for your specific application by entering only a few parameters
  • Available for iOS and Android

This is how it works:

  1. Download MobileControl app 
  2. The connection establishment between your smartphone and the machine is carried out via WIFI via the WLAN modem that is installed in the SmartCan of the machine.
  3. To establish the connection, enter the WLAN settings of your smartphones and connect to the local network of the machine (WLAN name: HORSCH-SmartCAN-SerialNumberOfTheSmartCan)
  4. Enter the WLAN password of the machine (can be read in the HorschConnect pool of the machine in the terminal). Start MobileControl app!

Saves time and nerves: HorschConnect Telematics

What to expect:

  • Insight into historical machine data as well as live data – to make sure that you are always up to date
  • Analysis of performance and working quality of your machine
  • Automated documentation – from hectare counter to application rate
  • Optimum and specific support by our service contact (e.g. by displaying all (error) messages in the telemetry portal)
  • Insight into the machine for several users

This is how it works:

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  1. Click on “Activate machine”
  2. Request an activation code for your machine
  3. Enter the activation code at the terminal of the machine  
  4. Log in under and get going!

HORSCH & agrirouter

No more multiple maintenance and redundant information

A solution is only as good as its interfaces: The data exchange between the platforms of different manufacturers has to be simple and automated. With the agrirouter you can manage this in an uncomplicated and safe way. And what is most important: you keep complete control of your data.

The DKE GmbH (Daten (data), Kommunikation (communication), Entwicklung (development)) is a consortium of different companies from the agricultural sector which HORSCH is involved in, too. The objective of this association is the development of an interface for data to transfer digital information wirelessly to the different associated parties. The agrirouter acts as a data hub and HORSCH works on a machine interface.

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