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Seeding precision starts at the cart. Regardless of the model, Horsch air carts feature the same thought and design ingenuity across the entire line. Properly sloped tanks keep uniform product flow to the meters until fully empty, accurate meter output till the last bit of product. Ultra-accurate volumetric metering system leads the industry in calibration and application accuracy. Switching between product type is simple and fast by just replacing rollers. ISOBUS implement control offers a diverse range of options for operation and precision farming tasks. The tank split offers optimum product division for a wide variety of single shoot, double shoot, and single pass seeding jobs. The unique single axle designs give unmatched maneuverability, decrease impacts of compaction, and maximize floatation in variable field conditions.


  • Industry leader in calibration and rate accuracy with globally proven electric motor drive volumetric meter system. 
  • Superior rate control accuracy from low rate small seeds to high rate fertilizer.
  • Positive cleanout sump design always keeps the meter properly filled plus allows for quick thorough clean out when changing between products.
  • Efficient pneumatic system uses high output fans along with precise tube routing for uniform and consistent flow accuracy to seed towers.
  • Scale system options for cross referencing application rates and for keeping records of product logistics.
  • ISOBUS implement control offers flexibility to use industry ISO Virtual Terminals.
  • Easy and accurate calibrations with the simple push of a button.
  • Simple conversion between crops and smooth single point cleanout.
  • High capacity pneumatic system for high rate applications.
  • Single axle design aids in eliminating soil compaction.

Données techniques

HORSCH CartsSW500SW600SW750SW1000
Transport Width16 ft 8 in520 Duals 11 ft 5.75 in/17ft 2in
710 Duals 12 ft 9.75 in/20 ft 7 in
14 ft/18 ft 4 in14 ft
Transport Height14 ft 6 in12 ft 6 in14 ft 6 in14 ft 6 in
Transport Length28 ft 6 in33 ft 4 in36 ft43 ft
Weight14,000 lb30,000 lb32,000 lb42,000 lb
Capacity500 bushel600 bushel750 bushel1000 bushel
Canola Tank CapacityN/AN/A60 bushel60 bushel
Track Width/BrandN/A36 in Camso36 in Elmers36 in Elmers
Track Contact AreaN/A4852 in. ^26386 in. ^29200 in. ^2
Conveyor SizeN/A16 in x 28 ft16 in x 28 ft16 in x 28 ft
Auger Size10 in x 21 ft10 in x 21 ft10 in x 21 ftN/A
Tire SizeDual - 520/85R42Dual - IF520/75R46CFO Or
Dual - IF710/70R38N/A
Scale OptionYesYesYesYes
Wireless Remote for Auger/ConveyorOptionStandard w/auger/conveyorStandard w/ auger/conveyorStandard w/conveyor
Meter DriveElectricHydraulic/ElectricHydraulic/ElectricHydraulic