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Pronto 6 DC


The RowControl distribution tower puts the SectionControl system for seed drills to a completely new level!
But the new distribution tower is more than just SectionControl:

  • Individual row switchoff right to the last row is possible
  • Tramlines can be freely selected
  • Row spacings are freely adjustable

These functions are possible as the distribution tower can separate the air and the seed flow and does not affect the lateral distribution.The SectionControl options right down to the individual row switchoff allow for saving fertiliser and seed. As there are no double overlaps on the headlands, at wedges or obstacles, the individual plant development improves and the competition pressure in these areas is reduced. There are no overlaps, thus the required seed quantity is reduced and overfertilisation on the headlands and at wedges are prevented. Thus, the farmer quite easily can save costs.

Tramline variety like never before

Another unique function are the freely selectable tramlines for population management. You can lay tramline rhythms independently of the seed drill width and quite easily enter the spraying and the track width in the terminal. This makes work easier especially for machine co-operatives or contractors as you do no longer have to re-position the tramline flaps or flip a switch at the tramline box, but can simply change the settings in the terminal depending on the requirements.

Configurable row spacings

The third special feature of the RowControl distribution tower is about row spacings. In the terminal you can easily set the double, triple or quadruple row spacing. Thus, you can quite simply adapt the row spacing to the crop – 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm or 75 cm with constant lateral distribution!

Row spacings
Strong arguments

  • SectionControl to the last row
  • Flexibly adjustable tramlines
  • Different row spacings
  • Freely selectable sections and even an individual row switchoff
  • Saving of fertiliser and seed
  • Overlaps are avoided


15 cm 30 cm* 45 cm* 60 cm* 75 cm*
Wheat, oats, sorghum, barley, peas, lentils, triticale, rye, rape Rape, sorghum, soya, peas, beans, lentils, sunflowers Soya, maize, sorghum, peas, beans, sunflowers Soya, maize, sunflowers Maize, pumpkins


* Depending on the working width and the number of seed coulters wide row spacings cannot be set symmetrically

The RowControl distribution tower is available for the following machines

  • Express 3 KR
  • Focus 6 TD
  • Pronto 3 DC
  • Pronto 4 DC
  • Pronto 6 DC
  • Serto 10 SC
  • Serto 12 SC

Requirements for RowControl


  • Existing RTK signal is used to precisely turn the sections on and off
  • Field boundaries and headland lines help the machine to recognize SectionControl


  • Track Leader II for tramline management
  • SectionControl activation for switching the rows on and off precisely
  • For double hopper machines a MultiControl activation is required to precisely control several components