With the Serto SC HORSCH offers a compact seed drill from 10 m working width without front tools. Its central features are a sophisticated folding technology and a continuous tyre packer in combination with a heavy double disc coulter.

Large working width – low horsepower requirement due to separate seedbed preparation and seeding

  • Compact design: from 10 m working width folded to 3 m transport width
  • PowerDisc seed coulter with a release force of up to 200 kg per seed coulter or TurboDisc seed coulter with a release force of up to 125 kg per seed coulter
  • The offset seeding method – tillage and seeding are separated – allows for new seed windows especially in years with a lot of rain
  • Double hopper with a capacity of 6 000 l + a microgranular compound unit
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  • The offset method, i.e. tillage and seed are separated, allows for new seed windows, especially in years with a lot of rain.
  • Ideal on light and medium soils
  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage

Since 2016 I have been accompanying the Serto in the field and the high efficiency as well as its flexibility convinces me year after year. Every seeding season has new challenges and this is exactly why the Serto has been so popular over the years. By separating seedbed preparation and seeding, the soils are allowed to evaporate after rainfall and this creates a longer seeding window in wet conditions. For tillage we always have some time leeway, for seeding the ideal moment is essential.

Freddy LinzMaier – sales support

Technical specifications