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Product Support Intern


AgVision Farm Area (Illinois, Indiana)

Position Summary:

The Product Support Interns main responsibility is to aid in all function of product demonstration associated with the product line. This includes product demonstration, education and training for employees, customers, and dealership staff. This position will also assist with the AgVision farm with agronomy and maintenance related activities as needed.

Wage Starting: $16/hr

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Primary operator of a product during demonstrations with customers and stakeholders
  • Responsible for operating product on public roadways to transport a/the unit from one location to another
  • Expected to keep the product in a clean and well-maintained condition (i.e. cleaning and washing after demonstration, conducting daily maintenance, etc.)
  • Communicate with supervisor and other internal personnel regarding machine activity and health
  • Assist with public activities (i.e. trade shows, customer demonstrations, corporate events, etc.)
  • Assist in development of training and marketing materials
  • Assist in scheduling, planning and logistical movement as needed
  • Assist with farm operations at AgVision

Position Requirements:

  • Experience in agricultural equipment and products
  • Hands on agricultural equipment servicing skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent phone skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Computer skills - including the ability to use communication and organization software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and email
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to travel at least 80% of the time
  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic, and personable
  • Ability to operate large farm/industrial equipment in a safe and responsible way
  • Understanding of farm technology (precision farming, guidance, rate control, etc.)
  • Ability to make decisions with or at times without supervision

Physical/Work Environment:

  • Individuals may need to sit, walk, or stand for extended periods.
  • The position may require reaching above shoulder heights, below the waist, or lifting up to 50 pounds. Proper lifting techniques are required.
  • The performance of this position will require exposure to the manufacturing areas where under certain areas require the use of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses with side shields.