• Aggressive crop residue management by adequate sizing, thorough mixing of soil/residue, and consolidation for accelerated decomposition

Joker RT

Accelerating Residue Decomposition,
Creating Optimum Seedbeds

Joker RT - the new high speed style of tillage

Joker RT series high speed disc - Excellent Performance in Seedbed Preparation and Residue Management

Advantages of Joker RT
  • Joker RT series high speed disc is used for quick stubble cultivation with large working width
  • Clever alternative to vertical tillage, field cultivators, soil finishers, and tandem disc harrows
  • Multi-purpose tillage tool with excellent performance in both primary and secondary tillage applications.
  • Aggressive crop residue management by adequate sizing, thorough mixing of soil/residue, and consolidation for accelerated decomposition.
  • Excellent seedbed preparation through maintaining precise tillage depth, thorough soil tilth,  and soil consolidation.
  • Soil consolidation by the RollFlex packer creates capillary effect where moisture is conserved and maintained within the seedbed. Soil erosion from water and wind is drastically reduced.
  • Significant reduction of the effects of carbon penalty in early crop development. 
  • Soil consolidation promotes rapid and even emergence of seedlings which is the first step to achieving maximum potential yields.
  • Applications include seedbed preparation, fertilizer/manure incorporation, incorporating pre-emerge herbicides, residue management, field conditioning, and specialty crop applications.
  • The Joker RT is equipped with the ISOBUS depth control system.
Destinctive Features of Joker RT 
  • The disc arms are 3 inches longer than on previous models. This allows increased soil and residue flow through the machine.
  • Extended distance between the front and rear rows of discs by 7 inches. This improves residue flow. 
  • 20 in. notched blades set on 17 degree angle for optimum soil engagement and residue/soil mixing
  • Two blades mounted per arm to maintain precise angle of soil engagement for even tilth and consistent residue sizing.
  • Integrated RollFlex finishing system optimizes soil consolidation and field finish for excellent planting conditions and rapid emergence of seed.
  • Rubber torsion blade arm system protects against foreign objects.
  • Oil filled blade bearings for long life and zero maintenance.
  • Low maintenance with only 6 lubrication points
  • Manual or i-Depth (electronic depth control)
  • CAT IV or CAT V hitch
  • Excellent soil/residue blending - The serrated discs of the machine cut the harvest residues and the soil and mix the residues into the soil down to working depth.
  • Working widths available from 18 to 40 ft.
  • Working depths of 1” up to 6”.
  • A strong DiscSystem ensures best mixing and levelling results

Joker RT



Joker RT RT18 RT22RT25 RT28 RT32 RT35 RT40
Part Number 04770001 0462000104610030 04560040 0468003004590030 04600000
Machine Width (ft.) 21 ft. 10 in. 24 ft. 7 in.27 ft. 10 in. 31 ft. 5 in. 34 ft. 8 in. 37 ft. 11 in. 43 ft. 4 in.
Working Width (ft.) 18 ft. 4 in.v 21 ft. 8 in.25 ft. 28 ft. 4 in. 31 ft. 8 in. 35 ft. 40 ft.
Transport Width (ft.) 10 ft. 8 in. 11 ft. 7 in.11 ft. 7 in. 15 ft. 1 in. 18 ft. 3 in. 18 ft. 3 in. 14 ft. 2 in.*
Transport Height (ft.) 12 ft. 4 in. 12 ft. 4 in.14 ft. 14 ft. 14 ft. 15 ft. 9 in. 13 ft.
Weight (lbs.) 11,740 15,25016,180 18,350 18,500 18,900 28,100
Tongue Load (lbs.) 4,630 5,2005,780 6,430 6,550 6,750 10,000
Axle Load (lbs.) 8,870 10,00010,400 11,920 12,000 12,150 18,100
Tires VF295/75R22.5 VF295/75R22.5VF295/75R22.5 VF295/75R22.5(7600lbs) VF445/65R22.5 VF445/65R22.5 VF445/65R22.5
Number of Discs 44 5260 68 76 84 96
Hitching Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V Draw Bar CAT IV / Optional CAT V CAT V Optional CAT V
Power Requirements (HP) 230-300 230-300270-350 300-400 330-430 400-530 500+
Finishing System Roll-Flex Roll-FlexRoll-Flex Roll-Flex Roll-Flex Roll-Flex Roll-Flex
iDepth Cab-Based Depth Control Yes YesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disc Diameter (in.) 20 2020 20 20 20 20
Disc Thickness (in.) 0.25 0.250.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25

* Transport width RT 40 - 5 lower blades on outer wing removed on each side.




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