Joker PT

Exact and quick stubble cultivation

Joker PT

Deep machine depth for maximum residue flow

Advantages of Joker PT
  • Clever alternative to vertical tillage and tandem disc harrows
  • Aggressive residue sizing and thorough mixing with soil for accelerated residue decomposition
  • Multi-purpose tillage tool with excellent performance in both primary and secondary tillage applications
  • Excellent flotation in wetter spring conditions for preparing seedbeds in less than ideal field conditions
  • In-cab adjustability of finishing system as soil conditions change
  • High working speeds of 8+ mph pending field conditions
  • Working Depths of 1-5 in.


Joker RT Destinctive Features
  • 20 in. notched blades set on 17 degree angle for optimum soil engagement and residue/soil mixing
  • Two blades mounted per arm to maintain precise angle of soil engagement for even tilth
  • In-cab i-Depth electronic depth control allows changes in depth at touch of a button
  • RollCage finishing system for field leveling and conditioning
  • Rubber torsion blade arm system protects against foreign objects
  • Oil filled bearings for long life and zero maintenance
  • Large diameter tires for excellent flotation in variable soil conditions 
HORSCH Joker PT PT-300 PT-400
Working Width (ft.) 28 ft. 4 in. 38 ft. 4 in.
Transport Width (ft.) 19 ft. 5 in. 19 ft. 5 in.
Transport Height (ft.) 10 ft. 8 in. 15 ft. 9 in.
Weight (lbs.) 13,800 16,500
Tires 14.9 - 24 14.9 - 24
Number of Discs 68 92
Hitching Draw Bar CAT IV or CAT V Draw Bar CAT IV or CAT V
Power Requirements (HP) 300-400 300-400
Finishing System Roll-Flex Roll-Flex
Independent Lift System Yes Yes
Hydraulic Down Pressure System Yes Yes
iDepth Cab-Based Depth Control Yes Yes
Disc Diameter (in.) 20 20
Disc Thickness (in.) 0.25 0.25

Joker PT

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