• HORSCH Joker HD - High speed compact disc

Joker HD

Very stable design for deep
cultivation and high strains

Joker HD

For shallow fall tillage focused on mixing and leveling

Advantages of Joker HD
  • Rugged 24” notched blades set on a 22 degree angle with a 10 degree blade lay-over angle insure thorough horizontal fracture of the tillage zone while intensively mixing soil and residue.
  • Aggressive residue sizing and thorough mixing of soil for accelerated residue decomposition.
  • Superior performance for incorporating fertilizer, weed kill, and field conditioning.
  • Maximizes residue benefits by superior mixing and securing.
  • Primary tillage concept focused on horizontal fracture, residue management, and is the first step to seedbed preparation.
  • Features thorough horizontal fracture up to 10" to break up soil compaction.
  • Hydraulically adjustable Roll-flex finishing system breaks up clumps while leveling soil for field conditioning.
  • Rubber mounted torsion disc arms are maintenance free and allow blades to float over foreign field objects to prevent damage.
  • Concept design for maximizing soil/residue throughout while insuring consistent tillage performance.
  • Used for primary tillage with deep soil loosening and mixing characteristics.
  • Joker HD - A strong DiscSystem ensures best mixing and levelling results
    A strong DiscSystem ensures best mixing and levelling results
  • Joker HD - The DiscSystem increases the clearance
    The DiscSystem increases the clearance
  • Joker HD - The serrated discs of the machine cut the harvest residues and the soil and mix the residues into the soil down to working depth.
    The serrated disc is more aggressive and penetrates better into the soil
  • Joker HD - The aluminium clips are plugged over the piston  rods of hydraulic cylinders. They limit the retrac - tion of the piston rod. This way one can adjust  e.g. the working depth of the machine
    AluClip spacers are plugged over the piston rods of hydraulic cylinders. They limit the retraction of the piston rod.

Joker HD



Machine Width (ft.) N/A 33 ft. 4 in.
Working Width (ft.) 20 ft. 30 ft.
Transport Width (ft.) N/A 17 ft. 4 in.(Lights 19 ft)
Transport Height (ft.) N/A 14 ft. 10 in.
Weight (lbs.) N/A 24,000
Tires VF385/65R22.5 VF385/65R22.5
Number of Discs 34 50
Hitching Draw Bar CAT IV/Optional Draw Bar CAT IV/Optional
Power Requirements (HP) 400 500
Finishing System 5-Tongue Roll-Flex 5-Tongue Roll-Flex
Disc Diameter (in.) 24 24
Disc Thickness (in.) 0.25 0.25
Blade Angle 22 Deg 22 Deg
Blade Lay-Over Angle 10 Deg 10 Deg
Blade Spacing 14 in. 14 in.
Blade Configuration Symmetrical Symmetrical


  • Joker HDOwners Manual

    5.48 M

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