• Excellent fine soil production in the germination horizon

Terrano MT

Shallow tillage and deep loosening

Terrano MT21

For heavy soils in the conditions of high rainfall

Advantages of Terrano MT
  • For heavy soils in areas of high rainfall
  • Shallow tillage and intensive mixing combined with deep soil loosening
  • Excellent fine soil production in the germination horizon
  • Breaking of the disc harrow cultivation horizon with the help of the following cultivator tines
  • 21 ft. working width
  • Power demand HP 400+ 
Distinguishing Features of Terrano MT
  • Deep soil loosening with little vertical mixing effect to prevent rough soil from getting to the surface
  • Working depth of the DiscSystem can be adjusted hydraulically
  • Particular low power demand due to large tine spacing of 40 cm and 40 mm wide narrow LD coulters
  • SteelDisc packer for additional crushing of rough soil structures
  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to middle chassis, chassis can be used for depth control
  • Abbildung Horsch Terrano 4 MT
  • Terrano 4 MT Horsch Produktbild - Gesamtaufnahme
    Shallow mixing and deep loosening
  • Terrano 4 MT Horsch Produktbild - Seitenansicht
    Mixing on the top - loosening at the
  • Terrano 4 MT Produktabbildung
    Harvest residues are only mixed in in a shallow way
  • Horsch Terrano MT21 - RollFlex Packer
    RollFlex Packer

Terrano MT21


  • Abbildung Horsch Terrano 4 MT
Terrano MT21          
Working Width 21 ft. 3 in.          
Machine Width 23 ft. 2 in.          
Transport Height 12 ft 4 in.          
Length  36ft. 3 in.          
Transport Clearance 10 ft.
Weight (lb) 26,000          
Transport Wheels 2- VF445/65R22.5          
Number of Tines 17          
Tine Spacing in One Row 48 in.          
Tine Spacing Overall15 in.          
Max Working Depth 14 in.          
Trip Force 1200 lbs.          
Disking System 2 Rows at 26 in. on 7.5 in. spacing at 18 degree angle          
Leveling System Hydraulic Adjust 18 in. Notched Blades          
Finishing System Option Double Oscillating RollFlex/28”
Diameter Single RollFlex
Depth Setting Hydraulic Adjust          
Remotes 5          
HP Requirements 400+
  • Abbildung Horsch Terrano 4 MT


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