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Terrano GX

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Terrano GX

The Terrano GX is an all around machine that works perfectly for shallow nd deep cultivation down to 10 inches. The Terrano GX is available as a 4-bar universal cultivator and combines the requirements of every
customer. The working widths range from 13 to 20 feet. It is equipped with the TerraGrip shank that is placed flatly in the frame and has a trip force of 1200 lb. The large pivot points guarantee a long and maintenance-free service life. The cultivator can be equipped with many coulter versions so that it can be used in any season and in the most different soil conditions all over the world.


HORSCH Terrano GX4.45.46.4
Working width13 ft16 ft20 ft
Transport width9 ft 10 in9 ft 10 in9 ft 10 in
Transport height9 ft 3 in11 ft12 ft 7 in
Length30 ft 10 in30 ft 10 in30 ft 10 in
Axle load9,369 - 12,456 lb10,690 - 14,992 lb13,448 - 16,976 lb
Support Wheels Tire Size400/60/15.5400/60/15.5400/60/15.5
Chassis Tire Size550/45/22.5550/45/22.5550/45/22.5
Number of Shanks131721
Shank Spacing48 in46 in44 in
Frame Height33 in33 in33 in
Power Requirements250 HP300 HP350 HP




The TerraGrip is a very powerful shank system with overload protection. The trip height lifts to 11 inches without triggering a shear bolt, which saves time and money. Due to the effective rock protection the shank moves quickly in case of overload and due to the spring force penetrates the soil again quickly and accurately – without the usual side movements. When avoiding an obstacle, the force of the spring decreases from 1200 lb to 380 lb. The force that acts on the frame is reduced considerably. The optimised spring kit allows for an exact point control in the desired working depth – even in heavy soils and large working depths. Due to high-quality material and large pivot points any greasing points become unnecessary.