Versatility in Row Crop Planting, Grain Seeding, and Fertilizing Applications



Excellent seed/fertilizer placement



Advantages of Panther
  • Versatile by design for applications in small grains/oil seeds/pulse crop seeding, row crop planting, and fertilizer banding
  • Designed as a higher speed concept at 6+mph to maximize seeding and planting windows for achieving maximum potential yields
  • Robust frame with industry leading trip force on shanks maintains integrity during higher speed seeding, planting, and fertilizer applications
  • Efficient and precise single pass seed/fertilizer placement creates an aerobic seed environment and optimizes plant nutrient uptake
  • Rapid and even emergence of crop from excellent seed-to-soil contact and moisture sealed in the seedbed by closing the furrow with the Disc Leveling System
  • Closing of furrows with the Disc Leveling System prevents volitization of banded Nitrogen in both single pass seeding or fertilizer banding applications
  • Air system designed for high volumes while remaining gentle to seed
Distinguishing Features of Panther


  • 15” shank spacing on four rank toolbar allows for maximum residue throughput during no-till seeding
  • Industry leading 750 lb. trip force of shanks keeps openers properly positioned and engaged at higher speeds
  • Optional cutting coulter system in front of each shank cuts through heavy residues such as corn stalks for added throughput
  • Frame well-balanced for excellent floatation in variable soil conditions
  • Contour following oscillating walking tandem packing system ensures consistent seed furrow firming
  • With 15” shank spacing applications of single row 15”, single row 30” , twin row 30”, or twin row 15” (7.5” spaced rows) are achieved
  • Primary air system with 5.5” dia. tubes and 1.25” dia. hoses from manifold to shank offer high product volume capacity at higher speeds




HORSCH Panther 460 440
Working Width (ft.) 60 ft. 40 ft.
Transport Width (ft.) 19 ft. 19 ft.
Transport Height (ft.) 16 ft. 16 ft
Sections 5 5
Fore - and - After (ft.) 8 ft. 3 in. 8 ft. 3 in.
Shank to Shank (in.) 60 in. 60 in.
Under Frame (in.) 30 in. 30 in.
Road Clearance (in.) 17 in. 17 in.
Number of Openers 48 32
Opening Spacing (in.) 15 in. 15 in.
Hydraulic Oil Demand 30 GPM 30 GPM
Main Frame Tires 800/65R32 800/65R32
Rear Wing Tires 540/65R24 540/65R24
Front Wing Caster Tires 540/65R24 540/65R24
Double Acting Control Devices 4 4
Depressurized Return 1 1
Working Speed 4-5 MPH 4-5 MPH



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