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Getting a crop planted at the correct time, at the correct depth, and in the correct environment at the fundamental keys in setting the stage for maximum yield potential. And these are the key fundamentals that the Maestro SV row crop planter technology are based on. Technology and design that maximize every minute of the optimum planting window to secure maximum potential yield. A complete design concept to ensure precise placement of each seed to achieve rapid germination and uniform emergence. A platform that protects soil structure integrity during planting. The Maestro SV row crop planter is the only planter on the market today with a common-sense approach in design that incorporates basic agronomic principals for securing maximum yield potentials. We use three terms to describe this unit - simple, robust, precise.

Seed Placement

Precise seed depth placement has significant impact on yields, both positive and negative. Placing each seed at a proper depth, into moisture, and properly closing the furrow promotes rapid germination along with uniform emergence. This is a fundamental key in setting the stage for maximum yield potentials. Shallow placed seed often has higher mortality or delayed emergence due to lack of moisture. Seed placed too deep can become victim to cold soil temperatures, experience delayed emergence, and fall behind in yield potential. Precise seed placement is a full system approach in the Maestro SV. To place a seed precisely first starts with stabilizing the toolbar, the weight transfer system on the Maestro SV distributes the chassis weight over the width of the toolbar, thus stabilizing it. With each row unit featuring standard hydraulic downforce, the row unit can be engaged into the soil with up to 770 pounds of downforce without worry of the toolbar lifting. Beyond keeping the row unit secured at desired depth, the disc opener of the row unit must be kept consistently and at a perpendicular angle to maintain a proper seed furrow. Solid parallel arm shaft design on front of the row unit ensures the row unit maintains a consistent perpendicular engagement angle.


  • Complete concept for maximizing planted acres per day, precision seed placement, and maintain uniform and consistent seedbed soil structure.
  • Largest seed / fertilizer carrying capacities available in the market today (pending model).
  • 110 bushel seed carrying capacity.
  • 400 or 600 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity (pending model).
  • Industry first and leading technology in electric meter drives, weight transfer, and hydraulic downforce technologies.
  • Electric meter drives precisely singulate seed while having the ability for variable rate planting and curve compensation.
  • Chassis system designed for big product carrying capacity while having a light footprint.
  • Lightest soil footprint in the industry – large diameter tires, large footprint, low tire psi.
  • Light soil footprint in combination with weight transfer system aids in elimination of yield robbing pinch rows.
  • Weight transfer system stabilizes the toolbar, thus superior stabilization of row units for precise depth control.
  • Standard hydraulic downforce for row unit stabilization for optimum seed placement.
  • ISOBUS implement control allows use of industry or HORSCH virtual terminals for planter operation and precision farming tasks.


For spring planted crops, no matter where in the world, there is a 10-14 day planting window of opportunity to secure maximum yield potentials. If crop is planted after that optimum window yield losses will result not because of fertility, seed variety, or planter brand but because of the calendar. The Maestro SV planter chassis is designed with this in mind. Capacity is key in securing more planted acres per day especially when in variable field conditions. Large seed and liquid fertilizer carrying capacities allow for more planting time and less filling time. Pending seedbed conditions, planting speed can be increased beyond normal speeds to capitalize further on more planted acres per day within the optimum window.

Row Unit Composition

The HORSCH Maestro SV utilizes the strongest built row unit in the industry, which has been proven globally for superior agronomic performance, low maintenance, and low wear characteristics. Several key design parameters ensure long life of the row unit along with precision placement. Parallelogram design integrity, is absolutely necessary for precise, consistent, perpendicular engagement of the double disc opener. Indexed depth setting which eliminates the need to “calibrate” each row for depth and ensures precise seed placement. Precision machined row bodies with hydraulic downforce result in consistent singulation and ride quality keeping the meter steady, and the seed release tried and true.

Industry first and industry leading frame weight distribution system aids in eliminating pinch rows, along with stabilizing the toolbar. This feature ensures the toolbar stays parallel to the seedbed no matter the row unit downforce required. This technology eliminates additional weight needed on the wings to hold them down. Also, when using hydraulic downforce on the row unit, a stable and firm positioned toolbar is needed to push up against. Downforce can be adjusted in-cab or automatically on-the-fly through the AutoForce System. The hydraulics eliminate the chatter and bounce to the row unit caused by other downforce systems with springs or other competitive technologies. By creating a smooth ride, singulation integrity is preserved and the row unit maintains downforce and precise soil engagement for consistent seed depth placement.

Furrow Integrity

Maintaining uniform soil structure at planting time gives each seed equal chance to reach maximum yield potential. If soil structure is restrictive, the crop yield is restricted. The Maestro SV uses a light compact frame, large tires with a light soil footprint along with the weight transfer system to minimize compaction on headlands and aid in eliminating pinch rows. Pinch row compaction can have significant yield impacts, especially in wet planting seasons. Eliminating this compacted zone secures your maximum potential yields. Another advantage with the compact frame and large tires is maneuverability in variable soil conditions. Compaction can be significantly reduced when on head lands and while maneuvering in field.


HORSCH Maestro SV12301630
FoldFront FoldFront Fold
Total Weight16,450 lb17,600 lb
Axle Weight12,660 lb13,950 lb
Drawbar Weight3,790 lb4,750 lb
Transport Width: Singles(Duals)[Tracks]12 ft12 ft
Transport Height12 ft12 ft 9 in
Toolbar Size7 in x 7 in7 in x 7 in
Seed Tank Size110 bushel total, 2x55 bushel110 bushel total, 2x55 bushel
Fertilizer Tank SizeOptional 400 gallonOptional 600 gallon
Pump Size92 GPM Max92 GPM Max
Pump TypeHydraulicHydraulic
Wing FlexUp/Down 20 DegreeUp/Down 20 Degree
Parallel Arm Length14-3/8 in14-3/8 in
Parallel Arm Thickness7/16 in7/16 in
Row Unit Travel10 in10 in
Opener Disc Angle12 Degree12 Degree
Opener Disc Diameter15 in15 in
Opener Disc Thickness3.5mm3.5mm
Opener Bearing TypeDouble Ball BearingDouble Ball Bearing
Service Points5470
Number-Size of Tires Transport2-600/50R22.52-600/50R22.5
Row width Configurations30 in30 in
Hydraulic Requirements30 GPM30 GPM
Electronic Requirements30 Amps35 Amps
Max DownPressure770 lb770 lb


Industry leading weight distribution system

  • Beyond eliminating pinch rows, the weight distribution system also stabilizes the toolbar.
  • Toolbar stays parallel to the seedbed no matter the row unit downforce required.
  • No additional weight needed on the wings to hold them down.
  • When using hydraulic downforce on the row unit, a stable and firm positioned toolbar is needed to push up against.

Industry leading hydraulic downforce on the row unit

  • Each row unit comes standard with a hydraulic cylinder for applying downforce.
  • Downforce can be adjusted in-cab or through the AutoForce System.
  • Hydraulics eliminate the chatter and bounce to the row unit caused by competitive downforce systems.
  • By creating a smooth ride, singulation integrity is preserved.
  • Row unit maintains downforce and precise soil engagement for consistent seed depth placement.

Strongest row unit in the industry

  • Proven globally for superior performance, maintenance and wear.
  • Designed for long life.
  • Parallelogram Integrity provides superior durability.
  • Absolutely necessary for precise, consistent, perpendicular engagement of the double disc opener.
  • Designed for strength and precision.

Indexed Depth Setting

  • No need to “calibrate” each row for depth.
  • Precision machined row bodies.

Consistent Singulation

  • Ride quality maintained to keep meter steady, maintaining seed release accuracy.

Additional Features