Pronto SW

3-9 m working width - perfectly large choice

Pronto SW

26 to 40 feet working width

Advantages of Pronto SW
  • Effective seedbed prep and sowing in one pass
  • Disc system effectively crumbles and levels across entire width of machine
  • Achieves high speed while maintaining exact seed placement due to its unique packer
  • Tire packer system provides optimum consolidation to promote rapid germination
  • Good contour following capabilities of the TurboDisc opener
  • Uniformer ensures seed to soil contact
Distinguishing Features of Pronto SW
  • Trailed double disc drill combining seedbed preparation, consolidation and sowing in a single pass
  • Pneumatic packer system levels field
  • Two TurboDisc openers run behind one packing tire resulting in consistent seedbed conditions
  • Separate seed tank available in 500 bushel or 750 bushel capacity
  • Available in 40 ft. working widths
  • Suitable for conventional-till, minimum-till and certain no-till situations

Working Width (ft.) 39 ft. 4 in.
Transport Width (ft.) 16 ft. 4 in.
Transport Height (ft.) 15 ft. 2 in.
Length (ft.) 52 ft. 8 in.
Weight (lbs.) 38,360
Hopper Capacity, Double Hopper (bushels) 500
Feed Opening, Double Hopper (in.) 0.39 in. x 0.28 in. each
Filling Height, Double Hopper (in.) 11 ft. 8 in.
Number of Openers 64
Opener Pressure (lbs.) 5 - 265
Seed Openers / Press Wheels Ø (in.) 13.38 in. / 12.60 in.
Row Spacing (in.) 7.38
Tire Packer Size 7.50 - 16 AS
Operating Speed (mph) 6-12
Power Requirements (HP) 450-600
Oil Quantity, Hydraulic Fan (gal./min.) 20
DrillManager Standard
Road Lighting Equipment Standard
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