• Horsch Product Image - Horsch Disc seed drill Avatar - Avatar SD (Singledisc) coulter

Avatar SD

Single disc coulter technology

Avatar SD

Innovative, robust, versatile, precise

Avatar 40 SD - Advantages
  • Dual tank construction makes it possible to apply two granular products simultaneously.
  • Compact and robust concept design to increase efficiency and decrease transport width.
  • Weight transfer system transfers weight to tool bar to nearly eliminate tire tracks and follow ground contour.
  • Simple machine design allows for minimal wear points and very little maintenance.
  • Large tires benefit flotation and eliminate compaction in the field.
  • Long-life, maintenance-free bearings on all turning components for longevity and reliability
  • Low horsepower required to operate machine in field.
  • Coulter pressure is created with the well-proven rubber torsion system with no wear or pivot points.
  • Single disk opener benefits precision seed placement.
  • ISOBUS control system for integration into different VT monitors and farm management software programs.
  • Press wheel in the row guarantees optimum firming of the seed at the bottom of furrow.
  • Horsch product image - Avatar: Standard telescopic axle -Compact transport width; reduction of the track pressure behind the tractor track
    Standard telescopic axle -Reduction of the track pressure behind the tractor track
  • Horsch Avatar 40SD - Large tires at the seed waggon
    Large tires at the seed waggon for maximum
    soil conservation and load-bearing capacity even in wet conditions
  • Horsch Avatar 40 SD- Compact in transport - large working width in the field
    Compact in transport - Large working width in the field
  • Horsch product iamge - Micro-granular unit
    Micro-granular unit



Avatar 40 SD   
Fold Front Fold
Total Weight (lbs) 24,780
Weight Axle 19,793
Weight Hitch 4,987
Working Wdth 40 ft.   
Transport Width 11 ft. 10 in.  
Transport Height 12 ft.  6 in.  
Length 27 ft. 4 in.  
Number of Seed Coulters 48
Seed Tank Size 2-83 Bushel Tanks
Seed Coulter Pressure Seed 552 lbs.
Coulters Diameter Closing 19 in.
Wheel Diameter 13 in.
Depth Control Wheel Diameter 16 in.
Row Spacing 10 in.
Working Speed 3.7 - 9 MPH
Power Requirements 300+
Hydraulic Requirement  10-12 GPM
Number Size of Transport Tires 12-520/85R38
Support Tires15.0/55-17
De-pressured Return Flow1
Hitch Loop Cat 4 / Cat 5
Double-Acting Control Devices 3
Implement Control - ISOBUS Yes

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