Seed placement – furrow integrity – timing

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Seed placement – furrow integrity – timing

AirVac – the new generation of vacuum singulation
The AirVac metering system can be used universally for exact seed singulation. With different metering discs, corn, sunflowers, sugarbeets, soybeans, and canola can be precisely singulated.
The AirVac system is based on the principle of vacuum singulation where the seed is sucked to a perforated disc. During the metering process, each seed is accepted through the singulator and doubles are eliminated. The special feature of the AirVac singulator is that the user does not have to carry out any adjustment works. The contour of the singulator has been optimised in such a way that a reliable singulation for all crops is guaranteed.
The uniquely designed seed tube of the AirVac metering system leads the seed evenly to the bottom of the furrow. A grain sensor is integrated into the fall tube to guarantee an optimum monitoring of the seeding success. The measuring technology of the sensor is able to count the seeds, to determine the spacings between the seeds and thus also to transmit an information to the driver with regard to double spots or gaps.
The transmitted values of the singulation accuracy are displayed clearly at the terminal of the machine and additionally increase safety while planting.
The AirVac singulator is driven electrically as a standard and each row can be controlled individually. This technology cooperates with the well-proven functions single row switch-off, SectionControl, VariableRate and tramline control.
For VariableRate the AirVac system is designed in such a way that the seed rate can be modified for every single row. With the tramline control it is possible to individually adapt the seed rate in the row at the left and the right side of the tramline. With these advanced functions all measures to increase precising while sowing can be used to full capacity.

  • Complete concept for maximizing planted acres per day, precision seed placement, along with maintaining uniform and consistent seedbed soil structure.
  • Largest seed / fertilizer carrying capacities available in the market today with the 8800 chassis.
  • Up to 249 bushel seed carrying capacity (pending model)
  • Up to 1 225 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity (pending model)
  • Global industry first and leading technology in electric meter drives, weight transfer, and hydraulic downforce technologies
  • Electric drive meters precisely singulate seed while having the ability for variable rate planting, individual row shutoff and curve compensation
  • Chassis system designed for large product carrying capacity while having a light footprint
  • Lightest soil footprint in the industry – large diameter tires, large footprint, low tire psi
  • Light soil footprint in combination with weight transfer system aids in elimination of yield robbing pinch rows
  • Weight transfer system stabilizes the toolbar, thus resulting in superior stabilization of row units for precise depth control.
  • More high performance features as standard equipment than any other planter on the market
  • ISOBUS implement control allows use of industry or HORSCH virtual terminals for planter operation and precision farming tasks.

Maestro SV


The Maestro SV series is a complete high-efficiency planting concept built from the ground up for capacity and increased planted acres per day. The 8800 chassis‘s industry leading seed and liquid fertilizer capacity (166 / 249 bushel seed) (725 / 1 225 gallon liquid) contributes to more time planting and less time filling. Available with the Maestro SV 8800 chassis is an optional saddle tank system that supplies an additional 500 gallon capacity. The Maestro SV planter
has been a globally proven concept to achieve more planted acres per day than same or larger size competitive planters. By maximizing planted acres per day and the planting window of opportunity, Maestro SV secures maximum yield potentials. Beyond liquid configurations, Maestro SV is also available with bulk dry fertilizer capacity. With 83 bushel of seed and 5 tons of dry capacity, utilize the Maestro SV for side banding dry fertilizer at planting time.

For spring planted crops, no matter where in the world, there is a 10 – 14 day planting window of opportunity to secure maximum yield potentials. If crop is planted after that optimum window yield losses will result not because of fertility, seed variety, or planter brand but simply because of the calendar. The Maestro SV planter chassis is designed with this in mind. Capacity is key in securing more planted acres per day especially when in variable field conditions. Large seed and liquid fertilizer carrying capacities allow for more planting time and less filling time. Pending seedbed conditions, planting speed can be increased beyond normal speeds to capitalize further on more planted acres per day within the optimum window.


HORSCH Maestro SVSV 5800 1630 LiquidSV 8800 2420 LiquidSV 8800 4715 Liquid
FoldFront foldFront foldFront fold
Total weight (lb)21 00027 00044 000
Axle weight (lb)16 77421 56634,500
Hitch weight (lb)4 2265 4349 500
Wheel base20 ft24 ft27 ft 6 in
Transport width: Singles
(Duals) [Tracks]
12 ft 6 in (17 ft 6 in)15 ft 3 in (13 ft 10 in)17 ft 5 in (14 ft 7 in)
Shipping width minus tires
(Duals) [Tracks]
11 ft 9 in (13 ft 4 in)12 ft 9 in (13 ft 10 in)13 ft 11 in
Shipping height minus tires12 ft12 ft 4 in13 ft
Transport height12 ft 9 in13 ft 5 in14 ft 2 in
Transport length25 ft 8 in33 ft 6 in35 ft 9 in
Toolbar size (in)10 x 810 x 810 x 8
Seed tank size (bushel)832 – 83 (166)2 – 83 (166)
Fertilizer tank size (gal)725730730
Pump size (GPM max)929292
Pump typeHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Wing flex (deg.)Up / down 20Down 3 / up 20Up / down 7
Parallel arm length (in)14 – 3 / 814 – 3 / 814 – 3 / 8 (22 – 3 / 8)
Parallel arm thickness (in)7 / 167 / 167 / 16
Row unit travel (in)101010 (15 − 3 / 8)
Opener disc angle (deg.)121212
Opener disc diameter (in)151515
Opener disc thickness (mm)
Opener bearing typeDouble ball bearingDouble ball bearingDouble ball bearing
Service points70126196
Number / size of tires transport2 – 50 / 85R42 (4 – 520 / 85R42)4 – IF380 / 90R464 – IF520 / 75R46CFO
Number / size of tires wings2 – 14.9 – 242 – 14.9 – 242 − 600 / 55R22.5
Row width configurations (in)302030 / 15
Hydraulic requirements (GPM)505070
Electronic requirements (amps)3550120
Max down pressure (lb)770770770


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