Cultvation, Consolidation, Seeding

The Pronto Principle

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The Pronto principle

Cultvation, consolidation, seeding

Which requirements does the seed drill have to meet?

  • Precise seed placement – as even germination increases yield potential.
  • High seeding speed – as perfect timing is essential.
  • Tolerance for seedbed conditions – as flexibility saves money.

How does the Pronto achieve such even germination?

  • The DiscSystem loosens, levels and produces fine soil.
  • The packing system ensures deep consolidation and equal seeding conditions for all coulters. Several narrow, large-diameter tyres mounted on a rigid axle ensure a high level of even soil surface.
  • The mounting of the TurboDisc coulters allows for vertical adjustment movement of up to 15 cm and ensures precise contour following. All seeds are placed exactly at the specified depth.
  • 4 rubber elements/coulters release a pressure of up to 120 kg, sufficient to reliably keep them in the ground at high speed.
  • The rubber wheel at the coulter-end ensures precise seed depth and proper seed-to-soil contact.


  • Extremely low power demand – due to low dead weight and power-saving, but very efficient tools
  • High output – due to working speeds of 10 – 20 km/h
  • Short turning times – due to compact design
  • Low idle times – due to large seed and fertiliser hoppers


  • Short set-up times – due to uncomplicated connection to the tractor
  • Quickly ready for action – due to easy adjustment of seed quantity, seed depth and coulter pressure
  • Unproblematic changing of the seed
  • Low maintenance requirements


  • TurboDisc seed coulter – precise seed placement at high working speeds
  • TurboDisc coulters are individually controlled by press wheels and are equipped with integrated shock absorbers
  • Exact adaption to uneven soils up to a difference of 15 cm
  • Stepless coulter pressure adjustment 5 – 120 kg per TurboDisc coulter