Perfect concept for cover crops


HORSCH LLC. Products | MiniDrill

MiniDrill is a HORSCH development with many innovative applications. The hopper has a capacity of 11 bushels. The electric meter drive system is the same unit we have used on many of our other seeders as its accuracy has been proven for over 25 years. ISOBUS implement control makes MiniDrill compatible and very versatile in the field with its different capabilities.
The MiniDrill is available for all Joker models. Thus, the MiniDrill is an optimum solution for cover crops and specialty applications. Superior calibration and proven metering accuracy ensures precise application rates, no matter the seed or product.

The diameter of the hopper opening is 15 inches making it easy to fill. For an optimum lateral distribution there are 12 evenly spaced outlets for 13 feet and above. For specials solutions the MiniDrill solo is available as a single shoot system, thus the MiniDrill can be coupled directly with a distribution tower. The outlets are supplied by the very smooth hydraulic driven fan that requires 5 - 6 gal/min and thus can be operated with any tractor. The MiniDrill can best be controlled via the HORSCH Touch 800/1200 monitor, although any ISOBUS-compatible terminal can be used for implement control along with incorporating precision farming features.



HORSCH MiniDrill* 
Total weight, MiniDrill (kg)150
Seed hopper capacity (l)400
Dimension of feed opening (mm)380
Filling height solo (m)1.05
Single-acting control devices1
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar)1
Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min)20 – 25


* Technical data without mounting kit