• Partner 1600 FT

Partner FT/HT

HORSCH front and rear hopper system

Partner FT / HT

Controlled incorporation of fertiliser while cultivating

Advantages of Partner FT

The front hopper has a capacity of 1 600 litres and allows for applying one component, together with the HORSCH Maestro RC solo for example for underground fertilisation in maize. The Partner FT can be used for deep fertilisation, for example mounted on the HORSCH Terrano FX.
The compact design of the FT allows for a good visibility towards the front. At the same time the feed opening is rather large for a quick filling with a front loader or a telescopic handler.

Distinguishing Features of Partner FT

Additional weights are available as an option to increase the Partner FT (dead weight 700 kg) with an additional weight of 360 kg. Thus, the tractor is balanced in an optimum way even if the front hopper is empty. For an optimum conservation of the soil and consolidation the front hopper can be equipped with an intermediate packer – a RollPack packer with 280 kg or a tyre packer with 230 kg.

Advantages of Partner HT

With the rear and front hoppers Partner HT HORSCH offers a system that allows for placing fertiliser in a controlled way while cultivation. The system completes the StripTill system known from the Focus TD to be able to offer an optimum solution for all situations. It also marks a simple entry into the sector of targeted fertilisation. Moreover, targeted fertilisation increases efficiency and compared to conventionalfertilisation saves costs.

Distinguishing Features of Partner HT

Especially with regard to phosphate the system helps to improve fertiliser efficiency. The exactly placed fertiliser is immediately available to the plant and remains available for a long time. Depending on the chosen setting at the distributor of the cultivator coulter fertiliser can be placed shallowly, deeply or 50:50. Thus, it is possible to fertilise the lower topsoil area additionally. The HORSCH rear hopper Partner HT in combination with the cultivators Terrano FM/MT and the trailed version of the Terrano FX is equipped with 2 chambers with a capacity of 2,800 litres and a 70/30 partition (pressurised hopper).

  • Partner FT
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    The front hopper has a capacity of 1600 litres and allows for applying one component for example for underground fertilisation in maize.
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    The tractor is linked via a three-point
  • Horsch Partner HT
    TerraGrip tine with piping and adjustment of the placement depth of the fertiliser depot without tools
  • Horsch Partner HT
    The version of the Terrano FX is equipped with 2 chambers with a capacity of 2,800 litres

Partner FT/HT



  • Partner FT
HORSCH Partner  Partner FTPartner HT          
Transport width (m/ft) 2,50 / 8 ft. 3 in.2,84 / 9 ft. 4 in.          
Height (m/ft) 1,56 / 5 ft. 2 in.1,82 / 5 ft. 12 in.          
Length (m/ft) 1,19 / 3 ft. 11 in.          
Length without additional weights (m/ft) 1,44 / 4 ft. 9 in.
Weight (kg/lbs) 1 100 / 2425          
Weight without additional weights (kg) 700 / 1544
Hopper capacity (l) 1 600
Hopper capacity, double hopper (l) 2 800 (40 : 60 / 1 120 : 1 680)          
Dimension of feed opening (m/ft) 2,30 x 0,67 / 7 ft. 7 in. x 2 ft. 3 in.each 1,12 x 0,55 / each 3 ft. 8 in. x 1 ft. 10 in.          
Filling height, double hopper (m/ft) 1,90 / 6 ft. 3 in.          
Filling height (m/ft) 1,56 / 5 ft. 2 in.
Double-acting control devices 13 (1 DW for hydr. fan direct drive, 2 DW for )          
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 11          
Oil quantity, hydr. fan (l/min) 20 - 35 35 - 25          
Tractor-side tool linkage 3-point Cat. II and III3-point Cat. II and III/V          
Machine-side tool linkage (lower link) Cat. III          
Machine-side tool linkage (ball-type coupling) K 80          
Machine-side tool linkage (Drawbar) Cat. IV (bolt Ø 50mm)
  • Partner FT

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