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LAMMA 2016

HORSCH Avatar – new seed drill with single disc coulter

The HORSCH Avatar SD is the new entry into the direct seeding with discs sector. So far there has only been tine seed drills available for this sector.

The Avatar SD is launched in 4, 6 and 12 m working widths and due to its high tare weight the new single disc coulter is ideal for direct seeding. The coulter pressure of 200 kg guarantees a safe penetration into the soil. The strong coulter frame eliminates sideways movement, which ensures that the coulter keeps to the set sowing depth even on uneven soils. A press wheel then closes the seed furrow and consolidates the seed row.

The Avatar SD in 4 m working width weighs 5.800 kg, in 6 m 9.300 kg and in 12 m working width 19.160 kg. Despite the high weight, which is necessary for a direct seed drill, the horsepower requirement of the Avatar SD is low as the SingleDisc coulters are arranged in two bars.

HORSCH relies on the well-proven components of the Pronto DC seed drills for hopper and metering. The hopper size is 1,500 litres for the 4m wide model, 3,500 litres for the 6m version and 12,000 litres for the 12m wide machine.

The Avatar SD benefits from extensive experience gained in developing the Pronto drill applied to a modern direct seed drill. Depth control of the coulters is carried out via the well-proven rubber suspension of the Pronto in a larger and stronger version which is required due to the high coulter pressure. The row spacing is 16.7 cm (6 m) and 20 cm (4 and 12 m version). Control and monitoring of the machine is carried out via a standard ISOBUS terminal. 

HORSCH expands the Express KR range

HORSCH's new 3m Express KR power harrow and drill combination, on show a LAMMA 2016, is the first model in an already expanding range. Shown for the first time in the summer, Horsch has recently announced an expansion of the range at Agritechnica 2015 with 3.5m and 4m working width models now also available, and has added a new simple and safe calibration system.

Ideal for intensive seedbed preparation
The 3m, mounted machine features the proven drill components of Horsch's renowned Pronto model integrated with a powerful 10-disc Kredo rotary harrow. The machine is ideal for intensive seedbed preparation even in very difficult and stony soil conditions. The Express KR features hydraulic rams to control working and sowing depth allowing it to be easily adjusted from the tractor cab. The drill is controlled by the Horsch terminal, which is ISOBUS compatible. The frame of the Express KR is designed in such a way that the working depth of the rotary harrow does not influence the sowing depth.

Proven Pronto's drill technology
Built with Pronto's drill technology, the Express KR uses the TurboDisc 2 seed coulters to precisely follow the soil surface for consistent seed depth. These where launched on all Pronto drills for 2015. Four rubber dampers per coulter transfer a coulter pressure of up to 120 kg and guarantee a smooth coulter control even at high speeds. The TurboDisc seed coulters can be lifted completely on the hydraulic rams allowing the Kredo rotary harrow to work on its own or even uncoupled completely from the drill via four fixing points. 

HORSCH Sprinter is easier to handle

HORSCH has continued to evolve its popular Sprinter drill for 2016 season with a number of modifications to make the drill easier to handle with lower horsepower tractors. The chassis of the drill has been streamlined and the rolling resistance lowered to allow a significant reduction in the power required to operate the machine. A 150hp tractor can handle a 4m Sprinter model easily.

Great flexibility
The Sprinter retains its impressive performance and flexibility. The drill can be used after ploughing, following a cultivator or in a direct drilling role and is able to work in a wide variety of conditions, ideal during a wet sowing season. The Sprinter now has 14 coulters on the 4m model and 22 coulters on the 6m model with a row spacing of 270mm and 280mm respectively, providing more room for the soil to move and settle.

Wide coulter range including Duett and LD
A wide range of coulters is available including the Horsch Duett coulter, which places the seed in a band with 65% of the surface covered, and the Ultra LD low disturbance coulter. The Ultra LD's special shape ensures that even very heavy soils can be loosened deeply without bringing coarse soil to the surface.

The Sprinter drill is available in seed-and-fertiliser configurations featuring the Horsch Precision Placement of Fertiliser (PPF) system and offers working widths from 3m to 12m. Using the Horsch Duett coulter, the PPF system places a band of fertiliser in the ground about 30mm below the seed. Seeds are placed just above and to the side of the fertiliser and the following tine harrow and tyre packers consolidate the soil.