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HORSCH again with growth in turnover and positive prospects

2015 was the second most successful year in HORSCH’s company history. The turnover for 2015 was 245.8 million euro. This means an increase of 5.6 per cent compared to 2014 (233 million euro).

The market for the current year 2016 is being viewed with realistic precaution.

The current market situation results from the climatic, economic and political conditions in the respective countries. The export share still amounts to approximately 71 per cent. Despite enormous market turbulences France is HORSCH’s second most important market after Germany. And whereas there was a slight recovery in Russia, the Ukraine, due to excellent seed drill sales, was able too significantly increase sales and had its best year in the company’s history. 

Over the years Poland has developed into a constantly import country, followed by Great Britain, Denmark and the Scandinavian countries as well as Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Other markets where HORSCH sees potential are being developed at the moment. Among them are for example China and also Brazil where HORSCH already has founded it’s own subsidiary. Despite the currently difficult market situation in the US, HORSCH LLC continues to develop and was able to extend the product range with the introduction of new products. 

The top-selling machines with 43 per cent of sales still are the seed drills, followed by tillage machines with 32 per cent and an excellent 10 per cent in the plant protection sector. This is particularly due to the fact that the HORSCH plant protection sprayers were launched in a lot more countries and that the product range was extended by further machines like the self-propelled sprayer PT 330 and the trailed sprayer Leeb LT.

The remaining 15 percent of sales come from the original HORSCH spare parts sector.

This success, however, would not have been possible without new employees. The company slogan “Farming with Passion” is an attitude of life of all employees at home and abroad the number of which by now has risen to about 1,180 people (incl. temporary employees). 

Last year again, HORSCH made investments on a large scale. At the Schwandorf site a completely new training and marketing building, the FIT Centre (Farming – Innovation – Training), was finished. The investment sum amounted to about 8 million euro. This year’s Practical Field Days will take place there. Last year about 3000 guests from all over the world came to the company-owned R & D farm AgroVation in Knežmost (3.000 ha, about 30 min. east of Prague). No other company has such a large agricultural farm at its disposal where products can be developed, tested, improved and demonstrated in practice.

At the Landau site, about 1.5 million euro was invested to almost double the production area of the centre for plant protection. 

With regard to future investments the next one will be the expansion of the site in Russia.  A new assembly hall and paint shop will be added to the already existing service and training centre.

With a strong machine, after-sales and advisory service and new innovative products HORSCH is ideally positioned for the future.