Honouring of the employees in 2009

On the occasion of the end-ofyear celebration 2009 long time employees have been honoured for their 25th (one employee) and 10th (6 employees) anniversary of employment.

Kurt Glück, head of the marketing department, has already worked for Michael Horsch even before the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH was founded. The present for the passionate motorcyclist was a trip to Croatia including an Enduro tour on a special motocross route.

Martin Heldmann (production department), Rita Pirkenseer (catering FIT centre), Richard Sauerbeck (design department and SAP programming), Roland Schönleber (management, responsible for production department and Horsch Industrietechnik), Christine Tischner (technical documentation) and Vratislav Malina (sales and counselling Czech Republic) were honoured for 10 years of outstanding commitment within the HORSCH company.