New generation MiniDrill – perfect for greening and catch crops

For the Agritechnica show HORSCH introduces the new MiniDrill generation. It is an in-house development with a lot of innovative solutions.

The hopper has a capacity of 400 litres of seed and is equipped with the well-proven metering unit of the Pronto machines. The only difference is that the seed is injected directly into the distribution system. The fan, too, is an in-house development and very quiet. These features allow for a very compact design of the machine. The MiniDrill is available for all Terrano FX three-point models (3 to 5 m working width) and for all Joker CT (3 to 6 m working width). Efficiency while sowing catch crops is considerable as only one pass is necessary for cultivation and sowing. Thus, the MiniDrill is an optimum solution for greening. It is in this sector that the machines excels as it is able to sow seed mixtures with different grains sizes without restrictions.

The diameter of the hopper opening is 380 mm and the seed rate up to 100kg/ha depending on the working width. For an optimum cross distribution the MiniDrill till with 4 m working width is equipped with 6 evenly distributed outlets in front of or behind the packer and with 12 outlets if the working width of the cultivator is 5 m or larger. The seed is placed into the cultivated soil and thus guarantees an optimum use of the moist soil. The MiniDrill is operated via ISOBUS.

SeedControl – calibration test is no longer required for all HORSCH seed drills

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At the Agritechnica show HORSCH introduces the SeedControl system exclusively for all HORSCH seed drills – product lines Pronto, Express, Focus and Sprinter.

The development was a joint project of Müller Elektronik and it is exclusively available for HORSCH machines.

With SeedControl the time-consuming adjustment of the machine with the calibration test is no longer necessary. SeedControl constantly monitors the seed flow for every row, every single grain is seen and counted by the sensors. The result is a seed rate which is measured in grains/m² instead of kg/ha. The corresponding conversion is no longer necessary. Adjustment and monitoring of the seed quantity can be made comfortably from the driver’s seat via the ISOBUS terminal.