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Meet the Voyles

In central Illinois, where the soil is rich and promises abundant harvest, Bill's 12000 acre farm stands proud. Passed down through generations, Bill inherits not just the land but a deep love for farming from his father and grandfather. Feeding the world is his passion. His family is his greatest support. His oldest daughter Chelsea, fresh out of college, manages the elevators, grain bins and semi-trucks and she helps in the fields when needed since she was 12. Bill’s son, still in junior college, is skilled at running the machines and loves farming just as much as his dad. Together, they make a strong team.

The year 2024 is tough. Spring brings heavy rains, turning fields into muddy swamps and leaving Bill with less time to plant his crops. Timing is everything for a good harvest, but the weather just won’t cooperate. Time and weather become Bill’s greatest enemies, threatening his livelihood and the future of his farm.

These factors, bad weather and limited time, cast a dark shadow over Bill’s farm. The fields remain soaked, and the planting window shrinks dramatically. Each day of rain and wet fields pushes Bill further into uncertainty. Planting stretches over three long months, with only fifteen days of good weather. Each decision about when to plant is stressful. Plant too early, and the seeds might rot. Plant too late, and the yield will suffer. Rising costs for seed, fertilizer, and gas add to the pressure, making Bill’s battle against the elements even harder.

Determined to fight back, and despite increasing input costs and lower crop prices, he isn’t afraid to invest in new solutions. Bill looked for better technology that could help him overcome the power of time and weather. In 2020, he found Horsch, and the Maestro 3620 SV became his trusted ally from day one. Its large capacities for seed and fertilizer meant fewer stops and more efficient planting. The Maestro’s simplicity, efficiency, and reliability gave Bill the edge he needed.

As Bill gets closer to the HORSCH brand, he has the chance to test one of the first high-speed planters in the U.S., the Maestro SX. Loving it from day one, Bill becomes one of the first customers, purchasing two of these high-speed planters. This skyrockets his productivity, allowing him to plant more acres in less time and take full advantage of the rare good weather days in 2024.

However, this increase in planting speed revealed a new problem: the tillage productivity wasn’t high enough to keep up with the planters. To solve this, Bill invested in the Horsch Joker RX, a tillage tool that matched the efficiency of his planters. The Joker RX did a great job preparing the fields, but Bill knew the foundation for a good crop was laid in the fall. The Tiger MT became his go-to tool for sizing and incorporating harvest residue, setting the stage for a successful planting season.

With his family’s support, reliable Horsch machines, and unwavering determination, Bill fought back against the villains of weather and time. In 2024, he got all his crops in the ground thanks to the Horsch machines and team. Each season brought new challenges, but Bill was ready to face them head-on. His story was not just one of survival but of triumph—a testament to the strength and resilience of farmers everywhere.