Mapleton (USA)
Mapleton (USA)

Mapleton (USA)

HORSCH LLC. Company Locations | Mapleton (USA)

Our Mapleton, North Dakota factory serves as the corporate headquarters for Horsch, LLC. This brand new facility is the primary production facility in the US. The construction of this building has greatly improved the company's capacity for production.

History in North America

HORSCH begin work in North America in 2001 with by introducing the Horsch Anderson ATD air seeders. With beginnings in Andover, South Dakota, HORSCH produced only air seeders up until the launch of Joker in 2008. With Joker the market footprint of HORSCH in North America expanded rapidly, and in 2014 the current facility in Mapleton, North Dakota was opened to meet demand. Continued product development, including Maestro SW which was launched in 2013, expanded market footprint further. Today the North American product portfolio of HORSCH contains air seeders, single disc drills, variations of row crop planters, primary tillage, secondary tillage, and upcoming application technologies. 

North American Headquarters – Mapleton, North Dakota USA

Opening in 2014, the Mapleton facility sets on 30 acres which includes 110,000 sq ft of production/office/warehouse space along with acreage for machine demonstration and testing. On site engineering, purchasing, technical publications, finance, service, and parts distribution all are in house to serve the North American market. Production consists of four main assembly halls and adjacent blast/powder coat line.

Parts Distribution Warehouses

  • Mapleton, North Dakota USA
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
  • Schwandorf, Bavaria Germany

Product Development

While HORSCH is a German based company, the majority of product distributed in North America is domestically engineered, fabricated and assembled. The engineering and product team at Mapleton works side by side with their global counterparts in developing new innovative technologies along with domestic adaptation of global technologies into the North American marketplace. Global experience along with domestic engineering and product development combine to provide the absolute best technologies available today for seeding, planting, tillage, and application. 

Quality Control

Unlike many farm machinery manufacturers, all products built for North America at Mapleton are completely assembled and thoroughly tested to ensure the utmost in craftsmanship and quality performance. Quality checks are completed during the assembly process and prior to machine leaving the production line. Each machine receives a multi-point inspection and goes through a run-in process where the machine is operated to guarantee proper performance. Hydraulics are tested for an extended time and operated as would in field to complete all check points. All electronics are tested from the tail lights to the ISOBUS implement control systems to ensure the proper operation. This attention to detail makes HORSCH implements the highest quality in the market today.

Farming with Passion

We want to advance and inspire farming as farming inspires us and we want to give every farmer the chance to contribute personally. This bond is our backbone, and it helps us never to forget what we are working for.  
            - The Team at HORSCH 


200 Knutson St.
Mapleton, ND 58059

Toll Free: 1-855-4HORSCH
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