Curitiba (BRA)
Curitiba (BRA)
Curitiba (BRA)
Curitiba (BRA)

Curitiba (BRA)

HORSCH LLC. Company Locations | Curitiba (BRA)


In 2015, HORSCH do Brasil Ltda was founded in Brazil, with its headquarters and a production site in Curitiba - Paraná.

The company employs a team of specialist engineers to develop the best products for the Brazilian market – machines combining German quality and Brazilian identity.

Moreover, the company headquarters disposes of an extensive supply of spare parts to support our dealers and customers as well as of the spare parts that our dealers have on stock on their premises.

Thus, the HORSCH dealers can guarantee efficient support and after-sales service for our customers.

HORSCH do Brasil
Rua Angela Gabardo Parolin 551
81945020 Campo do Santana
Curitiba PR

Tel: +55 41 3348 1991
+55 41 3396 4322