Farming with passion

HORSCH LLC. | Farming with passion

„We want to build the best agricultural machines“

We feel committed to the farmers‘ community and the wishes of our customers. Thus, it is only logical that for our products and services we aim for the highest standard. This is true for research, design and development as well as for assembly, technical service and advisory service. We take the time for extensive studies, use the machines on our own farms, more than 3,000 hectare – to experience ourselves what we have developed and what we are talking about. We assume responsibility in farming and share the feelings of our customers – this is what we are working for with all our passion.

„We want to share our passion forfarming.

As we are farmers ourselves, there is always an exchange with our customers to stay well informed about their requirements with regard to our products. They are our motivation, our driving force and our partner at the same time. We attach great importance to a close contact to our customers and to approach them on an equal level. We are a forum and a community for farmers where we talk to each other, carry out tests and exchange experiences to – together with them – get better and better. This bond is our backbone helps us never to forget what we are working for. We want to advance and inspire farming as farming inspires us and we want to give every farmer the possibility to contribute personally.

„There is no success without Passion.“

When we thought about a perfect slogan for HORSCH, there was one that quickly came to mind: ”Farming with passion”. For this passion can be found in each of our products and also in the actions of every single HORSCH employee. Everyone in the company – from the management to the mechanic – lives the passion that makes a simple product a unique one that excels due to innovation and uncompromising quality and can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of every single farmer in every country. ”We have always been and will always be farmers who intensively deal with a sustainable cultivation of the soil. Farming has a future and it is worth it to work hard – for the farmer as well as for the manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Each time a farmer looks into the rear-view mirror of his tractor and sees red he is to know that he opted for uncompromising quality.”